Suda51 appears during the Nintendo Switch presentation to announce that a new game starring No More Heroes‘ Travis Touchdown is in development for the Switch.

The Wii era may be best known for its lineup of family-friendly mini-game collections and typical Nintendo mascot games, but it also featured some edgy M-rated games for the older crowd. One of the most prominent M-rated games for Wii was No More Heroes, a game with over-the-top violence that parodied various elements of Japanese culture. A completely new entry in the series hasn’t been seen since 2010’s No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle, but it looks like that will change with a new No More Heroes game apparently on its way for the Nintendo Switch.

No More Heroes creator Suda51 appeared during Nintendo’s special Switch presentation, where the console’s price, release date, and games were revealed. While he didn’t have any gameplay footage to share, Suda51 confirmed that a new game starring Travis Touchdown, the protagonist of the No More Heroes games, is currently in development for Nintendo Switch.

Suda51 stopped short of confirming that Travis Touchdown will be appearing in a third No More Heroes game, but that seems like the best bet. After all, Suda51 has expressed interest in creating a third game in the series for years, and since No More Heroes is primarily associated with Nintendo consoles, it makes sense to revive the franchise on the Nintendo Switch.

No More Heroes' Travis Touchdown Coming to Nintendo Switch - Travis Touchdown

While it’s true that No More Heroes eventually made its way to the PlayStation 3 as No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise, it didn’t seem to garner as much attention as when it released on the Wii. No More Heroes stood out on the Wii for its gratuitous violence and sexual themes, which were much more common in PS3 games than Wii games. Looking at the lineup of Nintendo Switch games that have been announced, it seems that Travis Touchdown’s new game will stand out in the Switch’s family-friendly library as well.

As for when fans will actually get to see Travis Touchdown’s new game, that’s anyone’s guess. Between now and launch, Nintendo is expected to share more information on its online service and how its free games program will work, as opposed to having more game presentations for the device. Besides a Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct scheduled for next week, Switch enthusiasts will likely have to wait until E3 for more substantial footage and updates on upcoming releases.

Suda51 had nothing to share about the game besides new Travis Touchdown art, so it seems like it is early in development, if it has even started active development at all. Considering this, information on Travis Touchdown’s new game, whether it’s No More Heroes 3 or something else, may not come until next year or later.

No More Heroes 3 is presumably in development for Nintendo Switch.