No Mod Tools for ‘Titanfall’ at Launch

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One of the big benefits of gaming on PCs (instead of consoles) is the opportunity for the players to enhance games through the addition of community-created mods. In cases like Arma 2, sometimes the popularity of mods (like DayZ) actually outshine the original game. Other aesthetic mods, like the ones produced by the Skryim community, manage to put a fresh coat of paint on a game over two years after its release.

Despite the many examples of mods increasing the popularity of PC games, many AAA titles don’t offer any mod support. Call of Duty and Battlefield developers don’t allow players to mod the newest versions of either shooter (despite Battlefield’s previous success with mod support) and it looks like one of the most highly-anticipated new entries in the FPS genre won’t offer support either… At least not at launch.

Titanfall will unleash mech-style combat on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PCs (but not PS4) this March and Respawn Entertainment co-founder Vince Zampella has confirmed that no mod/mapping tools will be available at launch.

Naturally, PC gamers around the world are disappointed by the announcement. Although the lack of modding at launch is definitely a blow to PC gamers, the fact that Zampella acknowledged the possibility of post-launch tools does offer a slight glimmer of hope.

Many console gamers are looking forward to Titanfall as one of the first next-gen games that will fully harness the real potential of the Xbox One. Offering PC users modding capabilities would have been one of the major selling points over the appeal of a next-gen console experience.

Titanfall Never Releasing PS4

Although the Titanfall team prides itself on its many differences from similar games, it’s hard to imagine that the PC experience wouldn’t be enhanced by opening up some creative possibilities to the game’s code-savvy players.

The Respawn team has explained that the game will fuse multiplayer battles with story elements, so it’s possible that this unique approach could make modding maps a little more complicated. We won’t know exactly how much the story is intertwined in each map until more details about the game are released.

Would the ability to mod maps make you more likely to purchase the PC version of Titanfall or will you be playing on one of Microsoft’s consoles? Sound off in the comments.


Titanfall launches in spring 2014 on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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