No Official 'Minecraft' Convention This Year

Minecon 2015

Fans have come to expect an exciting new location each year for the official Minecraft convention called MineCon, which has previously been held in places like Las Vegas, Paris and Florida, respectively. Mojang has released a new statement about the popular block-building convention, but it certainly wasn't what fans were expecting - namely, it's that there won't be a Minecraft convention at all. Thankfully, however, it's just a one year hiatus.

Vu Bui, the COO of Mojang, explained that while they'd love to do MineCon each year consistently, they need to give it the attention it deserves – which means delaying the event until springtime next year. In truth, Minecraft hasn't received a large update since October of last year, a month ahead of the 2013 convention. Given that the company has stalled on any major new updates for the PC version, there wouldn't be too much to show off – so the delay of the convention isn't all that surprising.

Vu also revealed that Mojang would like the next MineCon to take place in London, marking the event's first return to Europe since 2012. With such exciting (albeit expensive) locations, MineCon is certainly setting a high standard in regards to nomadic conventions.

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It's been a bad year for Minecraft-related conventions, especially since this news comes just weeks after a Minecraft convention potentially scammed gamers out of about $540,000. Somewhere in that crowd of people was probably some poor gamer who also went to DashCon this year.

Despite the lack of movement in the PC edition, the console editions are still pumping out downloadable content and garnering massive sales, whilst the mobile version is catching up in leaps and bounds in regards to the newest edition of the game. Ironically, Mojang's focus on the console and mobile platforms may be why there's not enough new content for MineCon this year – but evidently, this focus has kept the company fiscally successful and strong.

What do you think about MineCon, Ranters? Would you like it to be an annual event, or perhaps stick to a particular location?


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Source: Mojang

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