No Mario's Sky Combines Goomba Stomping and Space Exploration

A small team of gamers combines the recently released No Man's Sky with Nintendo's very own Super Mario, with the results being rather impressive for a game made in only 72 hours.

Once one of the most anticipated games arriving in 2016, No Man's Sky has since become a massively polarizing title amongst the masses. While the size of the in-game universe is incredibly impressive, gamers have encountered a number of issues that they aren't all too thrilled about – all as the result of what many are claiming was misleading marketing. For instance, the premise of encountering another player was something that many had been heavily looking forward to, but the early server load apparently hindered the ability for two players to see each other.

Now fans of No Man's Sky's premise have combined the exploration elements of the title with Nintendo's ever-popular Super Mario series. Despite some simply shrugging off such an endeavor as a Super Mario Galaxy knockoff, the end result combines the best elements of both games (albeit simplified) in order to create a sidescrolling platformer that puts stomping on Goombas at the forefront of the game in question. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for No Mario's Sky.

no marios sky game

The game was spearheaded by a four-person team known as ASMB for Ludum Dare 36, but the most amazing part about this is the fact that No Mario's Sky was built within 72 hours. That's quite a feat to say the least, and the title itself is looks to remain rather true to the pair of games that inspired it. While there's little doubt that neither Hello Games or Nintendo would ever allow such a joint venture to hit retail, it is available for download across Windows, OS/X, and Linux on the official site for Ludum Dare 36.

It's interesting to note that this oddly effective mashup features a slew of different looking Goombas, all of which need to be stomped on in a timely manner. Setting aside the contents of this indie initiative, it's no secret that creators have a preference for combining newer titles with the tried and true properties flying under the Big N's banner. In recent months, gamers have been exposed to a Star Wars and Mario Kart crossover and even a Grand Theft Auto 5 meets Pokemon GO mod. These have always remained pipe dreams in the eyes of fans, and No Mario's Sky doesn't appear to be an exception.

However, with the NX on the horizon, maybe more mashups featuring prominent Nintendo characters could become a reality. In the meantime, there's always this fun-filled initiative to keep the back burner desires of gamers at bay.

Source: Ludum Dare (via Kotaku)

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