About a month ago, many pointed to a listing on Amazon Italy as a leak indicating when the developer Hello Games possibly intended to set the release date of the Xbox One version of the action-adventure survival game No Man’s Sky. Now, however, it looks as if the post on the online retailer’s site was close to being right, as Hello Games founder Sean Murray has confirmed that the title will indeed be receiving a summer launch on the Microsoft platform, but it will be on July 24, 2018 instead of the leak’s purported June date.

This much was revealed in a recent episode of Inside Xbox, with Sean Murray sitting down to unveil the release date for No Man’s Sky‘s Xbox One version and also discuss some of the title’s forthcoming multiplayer features. As far as the latter subject is concerned, the Hello Games founder has stated that when it launches for the Microsoft console, No Man’s Sky will provide a “full multiplayer experience” that offers fans the chance to “play with a bunch of [their] friends . . . or [they] can just come across random strangers and other travelers.”

Murray further expounded upon the permutations in which No Man’s Sky fans can utilize multiplayer, as he has said, “You can pair up together in a team and just work together to survive, or if you’re that guy, you can go and prey on other people.” What’s more is that the game’s multiplayer will also offer base building together, space battles in the form of aerial dog fighting, as well as exocrafts and vehicles that can be raced against one another with fan-built tracks on different planets.

While the prospect of multiplayer in No Man’s Sky is surely an exciting one for those looking to give the survival title a go on Xbox One, preexisting fans who own the game on PC and PlayStation 4 will thankfully be let in on the fun as well thanks to a free update this July. So, taking all of this into consideration, it appears as if No Man’s Sky is finally getting closer to approaching the version Hello Games had originally advertised it as being prior to launch.

No Man’s Sky is available now for PC and PlayStation 4, and will release on July 24, 2018 for Xbox One.

Source: Inside Xbox – YouTube