No Man's Sky May Get VR Support with NEXT Update


Just recently, Hello Games confirmed that No Man's Sky would be coming to the Xbox One in summer 2018, with the action-adventure survival title also receiving a free update that is being called "NEXT" around this time as well. With the developer having not fully unpacked what the NEXT update could be referring to, some are speculating that it could mean the game will be receiving VR support thanks to clues found within an extensive alternate reality game (ARG) marketing campaign.

For the sake of context, No Man's Sky has been running an ARG for quite some time dubbed Waking Titan, with the campaign consisting of a plethora of different fake websites, phone numbers, mysterious livestreams, and more that offer hints for players to figure out where Hello Games could be taking the game next. One of the newer clues discovered by the game’s community pointing toward possible VR support is a potentially new Waking Titan site. This was found by way of a code translated to an IP address that apparently provides one with a Chinese headset of some kind with the capacity to influence the wearer's dreams. Named "W/ARE", fans can get a look at it in the image below.


Furthermore, Hello Games founder Sean Murray recently shared a now-deleted tweet (part of which can still be seen via PSU) that showed an image of his phone with the code 6d, 6f, 72, 70, 68, 65, 75, 73 on it, leading to a No Man's Sky fan claiming it to be a Hex Code translating to the word "Morpheus." For those unaware, Morpheus was originally the code name of PlayStation VR when it was in development, suggesting that the action-adventure survival title will be compatible with PSVR at some point down the line.

Taking everything into account, there's still no telling whether or not No Man's Sky is set to receive VR support, but the finds from all of this sleuthing by fans definitely seems to be a good indication of what Hello Games has planned with the game's NEXT update. After all, Sean Murray once stated that he believed No Man's Sky would be a "perfect fit" for VR during an interview with GameSpot in 2016, and the developer had even been experimenting with Oculus Rift in the past, showing that the studio is at least somewhat familiar with the technology.

No Man's Sky is available now for PC and PlayStation 4, with a summer 2018 launch planned for Xbox One.

Source: UploadVR

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