Need help improving your suit’s inventory in Hello Games’ blockbuster No Man’s Sky? Game Rant has put together a handy little guide detailing just that.

As one of the core tenants of No Man’s Sky, survival is always at the forefront of players mind especially when discovering a new planet with harsh conditions. New players may also struggle at times, thanks to the low inventory capacity of their suit and quests that demands collection of a huge number of resources in order to get off the planet.

Thankfully, players can come across exo suit upgrades that not only enable more room to store those important minerals and isotopes, but add certain enhancements as well. These enhancements could offer simple bonuses such as the ability to sprint for longer, or more substantial upgrades such as the ability to breath underwater. Knowing what to look for while exploring and actually coming across suit upgrades can be especially difficult and somewhat frustrating if you don’t know what to look for while exploring.

For those players in need of better survival gear and more slots for storing items on the go, here’s a few quick tips on locating exo suit upgrades.

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Planetary Exploration

Considering that No Man’s Sky is all about exploring planets on your way to the center of the universe, players interested in upgrading their gear should pay particular attention to green question mark icons while flying around the surface of the planet. These icons represent points of interest that are typically worth your time exploring.

In this case, players will want to visit structures that look something like a crashed escape pod or small landing ships that only contain one entrance as these locations more often than not contain suit upgrades or enhancements. One thing to note is that these structures are frequently seen slightly elevated above the ground or facing upwards towards the sky, making then much easier to find while flying over the surface of the planet.

Once inside, a blue hologram should appear if an upgrade is available, and pressing accept when prompted will automatically install the new gear, just like you would on the multi-tool or starship.

No Man's Sky PC Release Date is August 12 Worldwide - No Man's Sky ships flying on alien planets

 Trading and Dialogue

Alternatively, players seeking to become commerce moguls can find suit upgrades through crafting or trading at Atlas Stations or Space Stations. Locked doors, which require an Atlas Pass, typically hide a suit upgrade, so once players gain access the option to purchase an upgrade becomes available. Keep in mind that the starting price is 10,000 Units and after each upgrade, the price increases steadily. Thankfully, there’s a fairly easy way to get rich quick, so players may not have to worry about high prices.

Coming across aliens while playing may also yield suit upgrades, though the chances of this happening seem to be much rarer than the other methods listed above. Certain alien species will require the player to select a dialogue prompt, often leading to a reward. It is possible to receive a suit upgrade from these occurrences but it appears that multi-tool upgrades are a more likely outcome.

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No Man’s Sky is available now for PS4, and arrives on PC later this week on August 12th.

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