Hello Games’ Sean Murray offers a positive update on the development of No Man’s Sky, saying that although the project is challenging things are ‘going well’.

To say that No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has had a rough couple of months would be to put things mildly. After delaying their highly anticipated space exploration title yet again, the developer was met not with positivity and praise but instead the team received death threats.

Since delaying the game, however, development appears to be “going well,” according to Hello Games’ Sean Murray. In a blog post added to the No Man’s Sky site, Murray gives a brief update on the game, suggesting that the project is on track for its August release date.

Of course, Murray alluded to the negativity surrounding the most recent delay, but thankfully did not call attention to the death threats. He also mentioned that there has been plenty of positivity thrown the development team’s way as well; so it wasn’t all hate.

As one can imagine, a game like No Man’s Sky is a massive undertaking, with Murray calling the game, “The hardest thing I have every worked on.” Certainly, a game where players can explore and explore and never see anything, no matter how hard they try, sounds ambitious.

That being said, many have questions about No Man’s Sky, specifically with regards to the moment-to-moment experience. While space exploration has its inherent appeals, one doesn’t need to look too far to see gamers wondering what the actual “game” of No Man’s Sky will be. We know that the end goal is to get to the center of the universe, but outside of that it sounds like crafting and improving one’s ship and defenses will be too primary goals, along with learning and translating the in-game language.

No Man's Sky Planet Fly

Overall, it appears Murray’s blog post was meant simply to be as transparent as possible with gamers heading into the release of No Man’s Sky. Considering how blindsided some were by the most recent delay, perhaps Murray felt it important to reassure fans every step of the way. Not to say that was necessary, but the death threats must have convinced him and the team that there are some very eager fans out there.

For now it’s the waiting game with No Man’s Sky, and the good news is the game is not on track for anymore delays. Obviously stranger things have happened, but a developer coming forward to offer a positive update suggests that, barring any unforeseen problems, the road is fairly clear.

No Man’s Sky releases August 9, 2016 for PC and PS4.

Source: Hello Games