No Man's Sky Update Fixes Crashes, Helps Players Load Corrupted Save Files


Hello Games releases the latest patch for its space exploration and survival title No Man's Sky, which provides numerous bug fixes and helps players load corrupted save files.

Due to No Man's Sky's numerous post-launch problems such as frame rate issues, myriad game crashes, and bugs that wiped players' planet discoveries, it's safe to say that indie developer Hello Games has had a rough go of it since the game's release last month, as it has been on the receiving end of plenty of negative criticism. As a matter of fact, the complications related to the space exploration and survival game reached such a fever pitch that even the President of Sony's Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida weighed in on the matter saying that the poor reception to the game was due to over-promising on features and a lack of PR support.

Nevertheless, Hello Games has remained adamant that it has been working hard to provide No Man's Sky fans with a host of fixes for all of the title's bugs and problems, which has led the studio to its release of Update 1.09 for both the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. According to the developer, the latest patch is primed to address a litany of bugs and crashes, but also will help players load save files that have been corrupted.

As mentioned at the top of the change log for No Man's Sky's full patch notes for Update 1.09, "The game is now much more robust at recovering corrupted save files." Furthermore, the developer lists a fix for the issue involving a pre-order ship bug which caused players to get stuck in their second galaxy after never receiving the Antimatter blueprint for hyperdrive. As Hello Games explains, it's "no longer possible" for that to happen.


Additionally, Update 1.09 for No Man's Sky also makes some aspects of the gameplay a bit more difficult. For example, fans will no longer be able to destroy a Gek factory door with a single grenade. Not to mention, should one actually take out a door, their wanted level is now guaranteed to rise, no matter the power of players' multi-tools.

Plus, other elements of the latest patch for No Man's Sky make it harder for players to lose their resources. This is done through certain alterations such as the developer preventing one from opening crates while having a full inventory, or by fixing a problem stemming from the transferal of items between exosuits and starships.

While this particular No Man's Sky's patch is sorely needed, it's unfortunate that Hello Games has had to spend so much of its time and effort providing bug fixes instead of focusing on the title's post-launch content and features for future updates. Even so, fans hopefully won't have to wait much longer for long-promised in-game assets such as new freighters and base-building materials, as the title's composer Paul Weir recently revealed that new content is in the works.

No Man's Sky is available now for PC and PlayStation 4.

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