No Man's Sky Team Member Offers Brief Update

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No Man's Sky audio chief Paul Weir reveals that everyone at Hello Games is fine and working hard, but it is up to the studio or Sean Murray as to when new announcements arrive.

In the midst of an unhappy fandom, declining player numbers, and even an investigation from the UK-based Advertising Standards Authority, Hello Games has remained silent on all social fronts since the release of No Man's Sky back in August. While no one knows what has been going on behind closed doors at Hello Games, the studio have been hard at work this whole time if a new tweet from a member of the No Man's Sky team is to believed.

In a reply to a fan question on Twitter regarding the status of the troubled game, No Man's Sky audio chief Paul Weir responded by saying that "Sean [Murray] is fine and we're all busy on the next patch." This tweet marks the first bit of communication from Hello Games in nearly two months, and should be welcomed by fans that have been waiting since the release of the most recent patch three weeks ago. Having said that, Weir didn't specify whether the next patch will contain more fixes, if it will include additional content, or even when it might release.


However, when asked why Murray and Hello Games have remained silent these past few months, Weir kept his cards close to his chest and said that all public communication is up to Murray and the studio.


While it is odd for a game studio to not maintain constant and direct communication with gamers, it's not hard to imagine why Hello Games went silent on all fronts. From being one of 2016's most anticipated games to receiving "overwhelmingly negative" reviews on Steam post-release, No Man's Sky has had a dramatic fall from grace since its release. Sony President Shuhei Yoshida has suggested that the poor reception of No Man's Sky is due to the over-promising of features and a lack of PR support, and now it remains to be seen whether Hello Games will be able to get back into people's good graces.

The window to recover from all this criticism is rapidly closing, and should Hello Games not follow up on Weir's updates in a timely manner, it will be near-impossible for No Man's Sky to recover from its current position.

No Man’s Sky is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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