Two No Man's Sky Players Visit Same Planet

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Two players found themselves on the same planet within No Man's Sky, and began an organized effort to cross paths and form an unlikely meetup.

Now that No Man's Sky has released after being stuck in development for a very long time, countless intrepid space explorers have been logging on to venture for the stars (and the center of the galaxy). By sheer chance, two players happened to arrive at the same planet at the same time, something that was previously stated had chance of 'pretty much zero' to happen. Unfortunately, the two No Man's Sky players failed to find eachother, though not for a lack of trying.

As the players soon discovered, their local games on the same planet were experiencing completely different times of the day, which is suggestive of the fact that they were likely both playing on different servers. After arranging a meeting time and location, the two players attempted to cross paths, but were unable to see eachother. It was a massive dissapointment for those watching, as the two streaming players could have recorded history in the making.


Of course, Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray stressed the fact that No Man's Sky wasn't a good multiplayer experience earlier this week, and this failed meetup seems to have put his words into practice. Years ago, he did state that players would have a way to communicate with each other, though so far we haven't even seen some Stranger Things-esque light communication for players located on the same planet.

Truthfully, it hasn't been confirmed either way if players will ultimately be able to see each other, even if they reside on the same server – and if not, what those aforementioned ways to communicate ultimately are. We know that PC players won't be able to stumble upon PS4 players due to the respective systems being hosted on different servers, so those looking for a slim chance of cross platform multiplayer in No Man's Sky are out of luck.

Despite some early technical difficulties that have caused the game's frame rate to drop on occasion, it looks like No Man's Sky is having a very busy opening day. While players haven't been able to run into other explorers (and some are expressly doubting that such a thing is possible), we can say with certainty that it's not because of a lack of players – although Murray did admit that the game will be 'super divisive' in terms of who enjoys the gameplay for what it is. In any event, we're sure that the plans for free updates will help retain those who find themselves enjoying the atmosphere that No Man's Sky brings to the table.

We'll let you know if any other players manage to find eachother, or discover a way to communicate with other plays within the galaxy.

No Man's Sky is currently available for PS4, and will arrive for PC on August 12, 2016.

Source: Reddit

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