'No Man's Sky' Trailer Unveils Vast Universe

No Mans Sky PlayStation Experience Trailer


It's no secret that we here at Game Rant are looking forward to the release of No Man's Sky. After its reveal back at the Spike VGX, Hello Games' indie title has nothing but impress from a technical perspective, delivering virtual space exploration that, up until now, has only been a pipe dream.

And while we may have a pretty good handle on No Man's Sky's concepts, there is still plenty more to learn. That's why Hello Games was on-hand at the PlayStation Experience to give gamers a closer look at the game with yet another beautiful trailer.

Although this latest No Man's Sky trailer is just as free form as past looks, it does reveal more of the game's space exploration. Specifically, the trailer finally gives us a better perspective on just how vast the game's universe could be. As the game pans out, what was once a planet eventually becomes a star, and what was once a star eventually becomes a group of stars, and after that it's hard to find the words to encapsulate just what is shown on screen. The best way to put it is that the game looks massive.

When No Man's Sky was first revealed, most assumed that the game's universe would have some tangible limits. But with this latest footage it's hard to find any boundaries. Granted, it's also hard to see how players would ever be able to find their way to a specific locale, but perhaps that's part of the game's intrigue.

No Mans Sky PlayStation Experience Trailer

At the same time, it also appears that long distance space travel may be more hands-off than we were initially led to believe. Traveling from one nearby planet to another has been well documented, but how one navigates to far off star systems isn't entirely clear. Our main question is whether the star map was an illustrative sequence meant to show how vast the game is or if that's the actual fast travel mechanic? If we wanted to, could we travel from one planet to the other without actually leaving the cockpit?

Obviously, those answers will come in due time, but for now No Man's Sky continues to impress. Where Hello Games' initial pitch could have faltered under closer inspection it has done the complete opposite. Yes, there are elements gamers will likely have problems with – a same-y color palette seems to be a big one for some – but we still can't wait to play this one.

What do you think of this latest No Man's Sky trailer? Has more footage of the game improved your interest in it?

No Man's Sky is slated to release in 2015 for PC and PS4.


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