No Man's Sky: How to Get Technology Modules

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To mark the two year anniversary of the controversial title No Man's Sky, a major update was released that introduces multiplayer, base building, command of freighter armadas, and graphical improvements. Those who haven't played in a while and are just diving back in will notice myriad differences, including changes to older items, as well as all-new ones.

One of the new items players will collect are Technology Modules, which are essential for crafting and building new technology. Technology Modules can cost a lot of money in shops, but there plenty of other ways to acquire this crucial material, and we'll tell you how.

Where to Find Technology Modules

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First off, if you're a returning No Man's Sky player, then you already have an advantage. Jumping back into an old save, you'll want to check out your inventory, which will now be littered with "Obsolete Technology." Before worrying that your collection has been compromised, know that this is purposeful, and you can make good use of these items.

Begin dismantling the Obsolete Technology and this will net you some Technology Modules. If you have a lot to dismantle, then expect the inventory to be brimming with Modules by the time you're finished. See? On the fast track to bolstering your collection already.

On the other hand, newbies won't be able to rely on recycling old materials and will have to start fresh. In this case, there are a few other ways to get Technology Modules. The easiest but most costly route is to buy them at trade consoles at the nearest Space Station or Trade Outpost. These are going to cost upwards of 60,000 Units, which isn't readily available when beginning a new game.

Alternatively, players can purchase tech upgrades from merchants and then dismantle them for a chance at getting a Tech Module in return. Dismantling higher level upgrades increases the chances at a Module.

Finally, the patch notes for the NEXT update states that using the Terrain Manipulator, which allows players to unearth treasures from ruins, is another way to locate Technology Modules.

Technology Modules aren't the only new material players will want to get their hands on. Chromatic Metal is another such important resource, and is also used for building technology and crafting better equipment. We've created a guide for crafting Chromatic Metal to aid explorers in this pursuit. It isn't too lengthy a process, but requires that handy-dandy Terrain Manipulator, so keep it at the ready.

It appears that the response to the NEXT update has been positive for No Man's Sky, and has reignited interest in the title. The game is currently on sale on Steam, which provides a great opportunity to check it out at a reduced cost. This combination of update and discount has really driven sales, and No Man's Sky is currently outselling Grand Theft Auto 5, which is no small feat.

Good luck out there, space explorers!

No Man’s Sky is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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