Could No Man’s Sky Come to Switch?

no mans sky come to switch

Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch in Spring of 2017, a multitude of games have all been met with the same question: Is it coming to the Nintendo Switch? Over two years later and the question still remains the same. Luckily for Switch owners, it seems as though the handheld/home console hybrid is at least on the mind of Hello Games founder Sean Murray when it comes to No Man’s Sky.

Hello Games is currently preparing to launch No Man’s Sky Beyond, a free update to the existing game that will include online multiplayer for 16-32 players, full VR support, and a slew of other frequently requested features. But when sitting down with Murray to talk about the massive update, Game Informer asked if the game would ever come over to the Nintendo Switch.

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When asked, Murray definitely leaves the door open for a potential Switch port but states that Hello Games is still focused on supporting No Man's Sky Beyond as it expands to VR.

"It's super interesting. I love the Switch. We're obviously very focused on what we're doing right now, but we have done a lot of work for PSVR to optimize the game. So, I'd be interested to see what's possible. But at the moment, we're just very focused on what we're doing right now."

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When No Man’s Sky was announced back in 2013, the game quickly rose to the top of many “most anticipated” lists. Hype quickly rose to meteoric levels and seemingly crashed back down to Earth after some bad press post-launch. As the dust was settling, however, Hello Games quietly continued to improve the game and work to bring it to new and exciting platforms. PSVR is an exciting new step for No Man’s Sky, and it would likely feel right at home on the Switch alongside other great indie titles.

The Nintendo Switch has been a solid platform for both new indie titles as well as gems from years before the Switch was even officially announced. Several publishers have claimed that Switch is one of their most lucrative platforms, so it would only make sense for Hello Games to port No Man’s Sky – assuming it can optimize the game to run well in both handheld and docked modes.

No Man’s Sky Beyond releases on August 14 as a free update to No Man’s Sky.

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Source: Game Informer

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