Hello Games releases No Man’s Sky‘s final trailer, Survive, showcasing the hostile environments that players will have to endure while exploring the game’s universe.

The developers of No Man’s Sky have previously stated that the game can be broken down into four basic elements of Explore, Fight, Trade, and Survive. A few months ago the company began releasing trailers that focus on showcasing each element, beginning with the Explore trailer that highlighted the open world exploration in the space sim.

Since that first trailer, Hello Games has released the Fight trailer, which featured how combat will work both in space and on the ground; as well the Trade trailer, which focused on the game’s economy. Well, today the developers released the Survive trailer, which focuses on surviving in the various hostile environments that a player will visit in No Man’s Sky.

The Survive trailer features the various hazards that players will deal with while playing the game, including acid rain, toxic atmospheres, extreme temperatures, dangerous levels of radiation, deadly life forms, and hostile robots. The footage has a few shots of the HUD showing the player’s remaining toxic protection percentage, while later in the trailer, a similar prompt displays the remaining radiation protection.

This most likely indicates that in addition to keeping track of their overall health, players will also have to keep track of their space suit’s ability to withstand the various environmental factors of a given planet. This also could be how No Man’s Sky plans to keep newer players from going to more difficult planets before they’re ready.

As was seen in the Trade trailer, players will be able to upgrade their ship and equipment with material that they find or purchase in the game. That said, it’s likely that many of the game’s alien worlds are totally inhospitable to players that haven’t properly upgraded their equipment to withstand those environments.

The Survive trailer is the final trailer in a series that shows off No Man’s Sky’s four main gameplay elements, and while each trailer looks fantastic on its own, players will just have to wait until the August release to see how well these various elements work together. Until then, it will be imperative for players to learn everything they need to know about the game before heading out into the final frontier.

Do you think the Survive trailer of No Man’s Sky will make players more excited about the game or less? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

No Man’s Sky is currently scheduled for release on August 9th for PS4 and August 12th for PC.

Source: PlayStation EU – YouTube