No Man's Sky Subreddit Shut Down for Being a 'Hate Filled Wastehole'

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A popular No Man's Sky subreddit is shut down by its moderators after becoming a "hate filled wastehole" as players continue to voice their frustrations with the game.

Although it may have been one of the most anticipated games of the year, Hello Games' space exploration title No Man's Sky has garnered plenty of criticism from its players. The game has drawn ire for its various launch issues, with the PC version of the game constantly crashing and lagging, while some have also expressed frustration over No Man's Sky's lack of online features. All in all, players have had no shortage of things to complain about.

Unfortunately, players' complaints and criticisms of the game have proved to be a huge headache for the moderators of one of the No Man's Sky subreddits. The thread, aptly known as 'r/NoMansSkyTheGame', has over 150,000 subscribers, but earlier this week one of its moderators (u/r0ugew0lf) made the decision to shut it down – saying that it has become a "hate filled wastehole of no actual discussion."

The moderator explains that "it's not what we intended it to be and I don't like providing a platform for hate. I'm sorry to everyone who used the subreddit as intended but you are now in the majority," also noting that the shut down was his decision alone and that the other moderators did try to keep the subreddit alive.

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But, thankfully for those thousands of users, r/NoMansSkyTheGame was brought back some hours later. Despite the subreddit being purged and despite those against the shut down being overruled due to "cynicism," moderator Sporkicide announced that they would be "reviewing the situation."

r0ugew0lf's decision to take a break still stands and Sporkicide is taking over, working with the former mod to "determine the needs of this community and how the admins can help meet them" and they would also be looking at how to expand the admin team. "If a community this big is in trouble, we're supposed to be here to help," notes the subreddit's new leader.

Although fans of the No Man's Sky subreddit have welcomed the promises to expand the mod team and provide "a little more capability to assist mods in running a successful community," the subreddit's admin team may still have its work cut out. It was recently revealed that No Man's Sky is under investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority over misleading promotional material, with developments surely set to lead to debates. New No Man's Sky content is also on the way and if that doesn't live up to players' expectations then that could cause even more negative posts to hit the subreddit. Hopefully the team is prepared.

Source: Eurogamer

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