One Twitch streamer playing Hello Games’ space exploration and survival title No Man’s Sky gets a surprise by a sudden appearance from an alien species.

As many fans of No Man’s Sky can attest, the construction of the game’s universe allows for some pretty outlandish and compelling dynamics to exist. For instance, not only are there apparently 18 quintillion worlds to explore, but also the planets can have strange names and be populated with even weirder creatures that have the capacity to both excite and beguile.

Speaking of which, the Twitch streamer known as KingGothalion recently experienced a surprising encounter with an unknown alien in No Man’s Sky while he was looking for one of the last species on a particular planet. For those unaware, finding all ten, along with the discovery of other waypoints, will unlock a monetary reward in the form of Units, so his bounty was definitely doubled with both a useful payment and unanticipated exhilaration.

As seen in KingGothalion’s clip for No Man’s Sky below, he was close to giving up the search for the final alien altogether, and even used the example of another extraterrestrial animal running in place as a visual metaphor for his situation. Fortunately for him, though, right before throwing in the towel, the exact critter he was looking to identify found him instead, as it attacked KingGothalion out of nowhere, leading to much shouting and celebration on his part.

Since No Man’s Sky has only officially been out for a little more than 24 hours, rousing discoveries like KingGothalion’s are sure to increase as time continues its inexorable march toward the impalpable future. Of course, at this point, the sole platform on which fans can take part in such invigorating gameplay is PlayStation 4, but that will soon change once its PC release date arrives later this week.

Perhaps even more unexpected than KingGothalion’s alien surprise is the fact that barely a day into No Man’s Sky‘s launch, two players found themselves on the same planet within the game, despite Hello Games’ numerous reminders that such an occurrence would be almost statistically impossible. However, now that it has definitively happened, even the studio’s founder Sean Murray expressed excitement over the fans meeting, which points to all of the enigmatic qualities and wonders that still remain hidden in No Man’s Sky.

Looking ahead, it seems as if Hello Games intends on incorporating even more fun and potentially surprising features, as the developer recently revealed the game will have free updates (read: no paid DLC) in the form of freighters, bases,  possible “space whales,” and more. With this being the case, No Man’s Sky is currently in a prime position to become one of the most played and discussed games of 2016.

No Man’s Sky is out now for PlayStation 4, and is set for release on August 12, 2016 for PC.

Source: KingGothalion – Twitch