Reddit user DoktorFeelgood manages to completely max out his character’s exo suit, starship, and multi-tool in No Man’s Sky without leaving the game’s first planet.

There’s no denying that No Man’s Sky from Hello Games is absolutely massive, with over 18 quintillion planets for players to explore. Many have spent hours traversing the huge universe, searching for resources so that they may succeed in their quest to reach the center of the universe. However, a Reddit user that goes by the name of DoktorFeelgood has decided to spend his first 25+ hours in the game on its very first planet, and despite not exploring the galaxy, he’s still been quite successful.

On just the first planet, DoktorFeelgood has managed to completely max out his character’s stats. That means his exo suit is at full power, his starship is fully powered, and his multi-tool is at the highest level as well. For most No Man’s Sky players, such a feat takes numerous star systems, so it is impressive that DoktorFeelgood has managed to accomplish this without leaving the planet his adventure started on.

With his stats maxed, DoktorFeelgood will find getting to the center of the universe an easier task than he may have otherwise. Of course, to travel from one star system to the next, he will still need to do some things that may not have been possible by staying on the starting planet. For example, he will need to collect antimatter in order to create the fuel necessary to power his starship’s hyperdrive, which is required to leave the game’s first star system.

For proof of DoktorFeelgood’s impressive endeavor, check out these screenshots:

No Man's Sky Player Spends 25+ Hours on Starting Planet, Maxes Out Everything - Maxed Exo Suit

No Man's Sky Player Spends 25+ Hours on Starting Planet, Maxes Out Everything - Maxed Starship

No Man's Sky Player Spends 25+ Hours on Starting Planet, Maxes Out Everything - Maxed Multi-tool

Of course, with the vast amount of resources DoktorFeelgood has collected so far, acquiring the antimatter formula and completing other tasks necessary to reach the “end” of the game should be fairly easy. DoktorFeelgood will want to be sure to hang on to all the Atlas Stones he comes across, but otherwise he shouldn’t find making his way to the center of the universe too difficult, considering all the preparation he’s done.

Overall, DoktorFeelgood’s feat is pretty impressive, and goes to show that every planet in No Man’s Sky is worth exploring. Hello Games probably didn’t expect players to stay on the first planet for such an extended period of time, but that’s the beauty of an open world game of this nature – players can experience it however they want. Now let’s just hope DoktorFeelgood is able to avoid running into No Man’s Sky‘s many technical issues as he continues his adventure across outer space.

No Man’s Sky is available now for PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: DoktorFeelgood (Reddit)