Hello Games and rock band 65daysofstatic releases the full No Man’s Sky soundtrack album for streaming and will officially go on sale tomorrow, August 5.

The ambitious No Man’s Sky is now less than a week away from release and the game continues to exude an air of mystery as many continue to figure out how it will ultimately play. While Sony has attempted to clear some of the confusion through a handful of gameplay videos, other information has come out thanks to a number of leaks that have begun to appear online from a user who purchased an early copy. While fans to continue to wait for the game, they can now at least listen to the entire soundtrack which has been made available online.

The soundtrack comes from the instrumental electronic rock band 65daysofstatic, who originally signed on to the project after Hello Games approached them about licensing one of their tracks for a trailer the studio was working on. The ten tracks were actually written in the style of a traditional 65daysofstatic album, influenced by the game itself along with the desire to not play things safe by enhancing the game to be more emotive than it already was.

The soundtrack goes on sale tomorrow on August 5 but curious fans can listen to the soundtrack right here:

In addition to a full fledged album, the band worked with No Man’s Sky audio director, Paul Weir, to create a series of soundscapes, which are not present on the above soundtrack. The soundscapes are essentially pieces of those complete songs, broken up and procedurally played out in-game as players interact with the environment. Considering how large and open ended the game is, the band approached this task with writing additional music but opting to not arrange it like a typical song, with a verse and chorus, but to instead leave it more ambient and repetitive.

After a number of delays and controversies involving death threats against some of the developers like Sean Murray, No Man’s Sky officially went gold last month ensuring that fans would be getting their hands on the game next week. Instead of taking a well deserved vacation, Hello Games instead pressed forward, working on and finishing the first update for the game. While the release date for this update hasn’t been revealed as of yet, the studio did reveal that it will contain everything from bug fixes and balancing to new features and content.

Are you excited for No Man’s Sky next week or are you taking a more wait and see approach? Let us know your plans in the comments below.

No Man’s Sky launches on August 9, 2016 for PlayStation 4 followed a few days later on August 12, 2016 for PC.

Source: The Independent