No Man’s Sky is plagued with issues on PC but, while we wait for a fix, here are some things that players can do to help improve their game’s performance.

Despite being subject to several delays, including a last minute announcement that the PC version of No Man’s Sky would release a few days after the PS4 copies, there’s no denying that the best-selling, space exploration title is broken for PC gamers. Luckily, the community have banded together in order to come up with a few solutions for those who prefer not to play on console.

While developer Hello Games is reportedly working on fixing some of the many issues found by the No Man’s Sky fanbase, altering a few of the game’s settings should help fix at least some of the problems with the title. Aside from making sure that your rig meets the minimum specifications for the game to run, as well as ensuring you have the most up to date graphical drivers, there’s rather a lot you can do to ensure No Man’s Sky performs at least half as well as it should.


One of the most reported issues with the game is the framerate being far lower than players expected, with stuttering becoming a regular problem when soaring through space. One of the best ways to solve this issue is by setting the framerate limit option to ‘Max’, rather than the standard setting. Lowering the game’s Generation Detail will also help in a big way, though it’s a shame to have to change the title’s graphics settings to lower than they should be with your GPU.

Those players who are faced with even worse framerate issues, as well as texture flickering, might benefit more from disabling Steam’s overlay system. If your textures are flashing at you, change your Steam settings and uncheck the ‘Enable the Steam overlay while in game” box. Running the game in a windowed mode, rather than Fullscreen, also appears to see significant improvements.

Playing in Fullscreen also seems to cause issues when Alt+Tabbing out of the game. It’s interesting that Hello Games didn’t seem to find this issue while testing pre-launch but there is a solution for those players who want play without the windowed settings. Simply open Task Manager (ctrl-alt-del -> Task Manager) with No Man’s Sky open, click the down arrow next to the game, right click on Application, and click ‘bring to front’.

There’s certainly a lot to fix before Hello Games even considers bringing No Man’s Sky to the Xbox One, but the game has only just released and we’ll have to see how the developer handles the less than brilliant launch of their highly-anticipated title.

For now, it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on the game’s subreddit in order to see all the latest fixes brought by the community, and we’ll keep you updated with all the latest No Man’s Sky news as and when it arrives.

No Man’s Sky is available now for PC and PlayStation 4.