No Man's Sky: How to Get Pugneum

no mans sky pugneum

In order to obtain pugneum in No Man’s Sky, players must risk life and limb to anger the game’s mechanical gods, something most players will otherwise try to avoid at all costs.

No Man’s Sky has resurfaced thanks to the recent Beyond update. Players of the space-faring game have a deep-seated fear of and respect for its floating planetary Big Brother: the Sentinels. The Sentinels appear when you take a destructive approach to the galaxy. When Players mine too many plants or attack too many creatures, the Sentinels will appear with scanners and lasers. The player has two options: put away the mining beam and back away slowly or keep going and incur the wrath of the floating planetary protectors.

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Most players will choose the former. Unfortunately, some main story quests and important blueprints require the player to find an element called pugneum, and although it sounds like it would come from milking a scrunchy-faced dog alien, the reality is far more tricky.

The game describes pugneum as an “oily, unsettling liquid” that “leaks from the circuitry of Sentinels.” No Man's Sky players have only one option for harvesting this goop. They must kill Sentinels. In order to take on Sentinels, players can go to just about any planet and start mining as many things as possible. It also helps to kill some of the alien creatures on the planet. Eventually, the Sentinels will come.

no mans sky pugneum

Once they do, they will scan the area before they attack. If they don’t witness the player doing anything troublesome, then they won’t become aggressive right away. Players can take advantage of this. If they stop wreaking havoc as soon as they see the Sentinels, players can take a step back, switch from their mining beam to whatever current weapon they have installed in their multi-tool, and take a few shots at the Sentinels before the machines go on the attack. It might help to recruit another player's help at No Man's Sky's Space Anomaly.

Once the player attacks a Sentinel, it will instigate a swarm of the little eyes in the sky. The only way to escape once they begin attacking is to either hide in a structure until they lose sight or to take off in a ship. In other words, players should stay near their ship before they try harvesting for pugneum.

Once a few go down, and the player has what they need, they can hop in their ship and take off. Players that need large amounts of pugneum should keep an eye on their health and shields. If they stay close to their ship, then they can take quite a bit of damage before they need to blast off. It also helps to zig-zag, as Sentinel lasers shoot in a straight line.

Pugneum will come in handy when building a weapons terminal for a planetary base. After the player has one of those, it will go into some of the upgrades for the Exocrat’s mining equipment and weaponry. It can also come in handy in refining elements for larger projects, like this massive cyber-punk city a group of No Man's Sky players recently built.

No Man's Sky is available now on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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