A now-removed PlayStation Blog post suggests that the ambitious No Man’s Sky will cost $60 at launch, and even points to the game releasing as soon as tomorrow.

For sci-fi gaming enthusiasts, the wait for the incredibly ambitious No Man’s Sky has been tough. Promising a vast universe that would take billions of years in real time to explore, No Man’s Sky has caught the attention of gamers everywhere, as well as the mainstream media. Despite being an indie game, it is looking to be massive, and so its potentially recently leaked price seems justified.

According to a PlayStation Blog post that has since been deleted, No Man’s Sky will cost $60. The image that claimed this also featured DOOM and Homefront: The Revolution as two other games releasing soon that are available for pre-order, adding to its legitimacy.

That said, the listing also claimed No Man’s Sky would be available as soon as tomorrow, March 3rd, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. This isn’t the first time that rumors about a No Man’s Sky surprise early release have occurred, and so take it with a massive grain of salt.

The more likely scenario is that the image means that pre-orders for No Man’s Sky will begin tomorrow, so it is probable that Sony will make an official announcement about the game’s price at that point. In the meantime, No Man’s Sky has been confirmed for June, so it wouldn’t make much sense to take enthusiasts off-guard by suddenly releasing it to the masses tomorrow.

Will No Man's Sky Cost $60? - PlayStation Blog pre orders

If the $60 price point for No Man’s Sky is accurate, it could mean less sales for the game, as gamers generally are not used to spending that much for indie games. Granted, No Man’s Sky is not a typical indie project, but neither was the critically-acclaimed indie puzzler The WitnessThe Witness was pirated extensively, with some gamers pointing to its $40 price point, which they considered high for an indie release, as a reason for piracy.

However, if No Man’s Sky is able to live up to its lofty promises, then the game seems like it will be well worth the rumored price of admission. Promising an incomprehensibly large universe, complete with a functioning in-game economy, wildlife, plants, and a virtually endless number of planets for players to explore, there is a reason why there is so much hype behind No Man’s Sky.

The hype behind the game is likely influenced the decision to price the game at $60, if that is to be the final retail price. Even though the game’s development team is comprised of only a handful of individuals, No Man’s Sky has garnered a lot more attention than even some of the most significant big budget releases of recent years. In fact, No Man’s Sky was featured on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and has been a consistent fixture of Sony’s PS4 press events. With all this enthusiasm behind the game, No Man’s Sky‘s potential price point of $60 probably won’t scare off many consumers.

No Man’s Sky is expected to release in June of this year for PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: Game Informer