No Man's Sky Player Spends 2 Weeks Walking Around Planet


One adventurous player of Hello Games' space exploration and survival title No Man's Sky spends two whole weeks walking across an entire planet within the game.

While some No Man's Sky players have been less than impressed with the game and have gone on to receive refunds from Amazon, Steam, and Sony regardless of their individual play times, others continue to remain content with the title by simply exploring the release's universe in its current state. As a matter of fact, one player going by the handle St3amb0t on the official subreddit for Hello Games' survival and space exploration game has spent the past two weeks barely venturing out into the vast galaxy that's available to instead walk across a single planet.

Although St3amb0t isn't exactly sure how much time he logged in No Man's Sky to complete this particular feat, the player has surmised that in total, he walked for 40 to 45 hours over the course of two weeks to do so. Furthermore, the Redditor stated that he explored the planet Dudenbeaumodeme on the PlayStation 4, and that it has been recreated on PC servers by other players watching along with his progress.

As seen in the video below, St3amb0t decided to livestream his last hour on Dudenbeaumodeme in order to document his journey and share it with the No Man's Sky community. After the trip was over, the Redditor went on to say how enjoyable it was, but offered a word of advice for fans who may be thinking about making a similar trek, saying, "It was fun at times, but if you are looking to do something similar, I recommend walking across a moon."


Interestingly enough, St3amb0t isn't the first player in No Man's Sky to spend a huge hunk of time exploring a single heavenly body in the game. As a matter of fact, the YouTuber known as TheyCallMeConor did a planet walk in 12 hours, and that was just to make his away around half of a globe rather than the full celestial sphere.

Then there's Jorgen Fernandez, the player who didn't leave his starter planet named Kahbaatangs after thoroughly exploring it for more than 30 hours, despite having roughly 18 quintillion other globes to check out in No Man's Sky's universe. In doing so, Fernandez went on to max out every item he owned using the resources on Kahbaatangs.

While it's obvious that there are still plenty of players dedicating a large portion of their gaming lives to No Man's Sky, it's worth noting that not long ago it was reported that the game's active players dropped by 90% after less than two weeks of the title being on the market. Of course, Hello Games is still actively supporting the title, with studio founder Sean Murray promising updates of space freighters and base building materials in the future. Hopefully, the developer's forthcoming post-launch DLC will not only be able to maintain No Man's Sky's current user base, but also rouse those who left to return while also interesting newbies to come along with them.

No Man's Sky is available for PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit (via IGN)

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