No Man’s Sky developer Sean Murray reveals some of the odd names players have already given to planet names, but it feels as though we have only scratched the surface.

With only a few hours left until No Man’s Sky launches for PS4 gamers, developer Hello Games is likely all hands on deck for the foreseeable future. In fact, some gamers have already jumped into the world of No Man’s Sky and are exploring the vast universe that Hello Games has created.

To that end, Hello Games and No Man’s Sky director Sean Murray has shared some of the strange names players have begun to give to their discovered planets. With this being the Internet and video game, of course there were bound to be some strange names, but a few of these take the cake.

According to Murray, some of the stranger names he has come across while looking at the No Man’s Sky files include a planet called Poopland, at least five versions of the planet name ‘Planet McPlanety Face’, and even a planet named in honor of the gorilla Harambe.

Like right now watching people naming stuff, in our beautiful universe, on our server

Journalists ¯_(シ)_/¯— Sean Murray (@NoMansSky) August 8, 2016

For those who might be unfamiliar with how No Man’s Sky works, the basic gameplay of the title is moving from planet to planet in a vast universe. Each of the planets players discover is procedurally generated, and thanks to a Day One patch is populated by a variety of unique formations and wildlife. Each planet is also a great source for crafting materials, which will help players upgrade their ship and reach further planets in the galaxy.

The naming aspect comes into play when someone encounters a procedurally generated planet for the first time. That person gains the unique distinction of naming the planet, and so far we don’t know what types of restrictions are placed on planet names. It’s safe to assume that profanity is likely moderated out, but other than that players won’t know for sure until they go hands-on with the game.

Luckily, that wait isn’t much longer now…assuming you’re a PS4 player, that is. PC players were informed late last week that the global release for No Man’s Sky had been pushed back to August 12th, to align with the PC release in other territories.

Console players, on the other hand, get to hop into No Man’s Sky on August 9th, but the Hello Games developers want to make sure that players temper their expectations. There have been a lot of questions about what type of game No Man’s Sky is, practically since the game was announced, and soon we will know for sure. Unless you haven’t watched any of the leaked streams or gameplay videos, of course.

No Man’s Sky releases August 9th for PS4 and August 12th for PC.

Source: Sean Murray (via Games Radar)