Follow this helpful guide for No Man’s Sky to better understand which planets are the most likely to be rich in resources and therefore the best for making money.

Fire up No Man’s Sky for the first time and it’s likely to be a daunting experience. With a universe that features over 18 quintillion planets, it’s hardly clear where the end might be and even less clear where to begin.

But with any system of planets, there is always a goal. For No Man’s Sky players that goal can be as simple as getting more upgrades for their Exosuit and inventory or they can be grander, like farming money to eventually buy a better ship. In the case of farming money, though, there are some things players should know ahead of time.

Specifically, No Man’s Sky players would do well to learn the planet classifications in the game’s system map. When the map is on-screen it will tell players a few important pieces of information, but the key items are how many planets are in the system and what class the system is in. However, knowing what the planet class designations mean is never clearly explained in the game, but there is a meaning to each.

Class G or F Systems are Basic

Class G or F systems are the most basic in all of No Man’s Sky. They do not require anything more than the basic hyperdrive to travel to and therefore do not offer up any amazing resources. Granted, players might still find some valuable resources on the system’s planets – materials perfect for farming and making money fast in No Man’s Sky – but there are better options out there.


Class K or M Systems are Okay

Class K or M systems are in the next tier and therefore require the first hyperdrive upgrade, Warp Reactor Sigma. On the planets contained within these systems, players are more likely to find rare resources. These planets also have a greater chance of having wildlife to scan.

Class E Systems are for Fast Farming

Class E systems require the Warp Reactor Tau upgrade and will most likely boast some rare resources. These planets are also more likely to mirror the planets seen in early No Man’s Sky trailers – the ones with dense forests and unique creatures.

Class O or B are the Best Systems

no mans sky system map

Finally, there are Class O or B systems, which are the cream of the crop. The planets in these systems will have extremely rare resources, which players can farm for tons of units. These planets are the ones that everyone wants to find, but they must have the Warp Reactor Theta upgrade to access. So, if you do have the Theta upgrade always keep an eye out for Class K or M while on the way to the center of the galaxy or on the Atlas path.

Those who don’t yet have the Theta upgrade should make sure to read our How to Upgrade Your Hyperdrive guide, which highlights where the hyperdrive upgrades are most likely to drop. It’s mostly RNG based so there is no way to force the upgrade to appear, but checking crashed ships and choosing dialogue options that focus on space travel is a good place to start. And know that once you do acquire a Theta upgrade there are tremendous riches in your future.

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No Man’s Sky is out now for PC and PS4.