Despite having over 18 quintillion planets to explore in No Man’s Sky, one player has spent over 30 hours thoroughly exploring his starter planet and still hasn’t left yet.

One of the biggest selling points of Hello Games’ space-exploration epic No Man’s Sky was the promise of an absolutely massive universe, one that contains over 18 quintillion planets for players to explore. Needless to say, many gamers have spent countless hours scavenging for resources in an attempt to reach the center of the galaxy, including one gamer who has managed to spend over 25 hours on their starting planet. But while 25 hours on a starting planet is quite the achievement, it still pales in comparison to what one player has managed to accomplish on their starting planet.

According to Kotaku, 27-year-old gamer by the name of Jorgen Fernandez began his No Man’s Sky journey on a barren desert planet by the name of Kahbaatangs. With its lack of diversity and relative lifelessness, Kahbaatangs is a planet that most players would shy away from, but for Fernandez, he took it as a challenge and so far he has put in over 30 hours into the game and still hasn’t left his unappealing starter planet.

Rather than being spurred on by the lure of finding better planets, Fernandez stated that he was primarily motivated to comb through Kahbaatangs because he wanted to beat No Man’s Sky‘s limited and somewhat cumbersome inventory limits before exploring the rest of the galaxy.


It is probably unsurprising to learn then that Fernandez has managed to max out everything he owned using Kahbaatangs’ resources, but he was so intent on exploring everything that he also made it a goal to find all the plants and animals on the planet. At the time of writing, Fernandez is still searching for the one final life form that will complete his planetary records for Kahbaatangs, but rather than be frustrated, No Man’s Sky still manages to find ways to surprise him.

“The coolest [moment] was about 15 hours in I ran up to a giant pillar of what I thought was going to be Heridium and to my joy turned out to be Nickel. My eyes were bugging out of my head. I honestly thought I had seen absolutely everything this planet had to offer and was pleasantly surprised.”

Beyond maxing out everything and thoroughly combing through Kahbaatangs’ flora and fauna, the many hours spent exploring has also meant that Fernandez is fluent in Kahbaatangs’ alien language, specifically Gek. It is inevitable that Fernandez will eventually leave his starter planet, but when that happens, he plans on simply enjoying everything else No Man’s Sky has to offer rather than surveying other planets as thoroughly as Kahbaatangs.

With all the recent backlash over the quality of No Man’s Sky, it is nice to see all that negativity being balanced out by positive stories of exploration and wonder. With major patches now available – and with more undoubtedly to come – hopefully more people will approach No Man’s Sky with Ferndanez’s level of enthusiasm rather than with preconceived notions of disappointment.

No Man’s Sky is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: Kotaku