No Man’s Sky developer and Hello Games founder Sean Murray confirms that the PC version of the space exploration title is running on a different server to PS4.

With No Man’s Sky now available for PS4, many console owners are already digging in to what the game has to offer. The same cannot be said, however, for PC users, who are currently being forced to wait until August 12 to be able to play the title. In spite of this only amounting to a few days in a game a full galaxy wide, PC players were still a little concerned that they would be missing out on some of the mysteries that the game has in store.

Thankfully, it turns out that PC users will effectively have their own galaxy to discover. According to Hello Games founder Sean Murray, No Man’s Sky for PC will have be using a different server to the PS4 version of the game. That means that a PC player will have just as much chance of naming planets as their PS4 counterparts, even though the PC version of the game is launching a little later.

Murray was asked whether the PS4 and PC universes will be linked over on Reddit, and the developer then confirmed that different servers will be used. “PS4 and PC players are using two different servers,” said Murray. The developer also mentioned that Hello Games is “running a control experiment to see who names things the most juvenile things,” which certainly ups the ante between PS4 and PC players.


The news will come as a relief to some PC players. After all, No Man’s Sky’s main attraction for many has always been the chance to explore and discover the mysteries of the universe, and some PC gamers may have found it a bit of a let down to see their own universe already stamped with the authority of three days’ worth of PS4 user finds. This way, PC users get the same sense of pioneering as their PS4 counterparts, and will get to experience what many hope will be one of the best space exploration games fresh.

So far, Hello Games has been quick to respond to issues of this nature. The developer wiped the servers in advance of the full game being released, due to a number of users being able to access the game early. Meanwhile, Hello Games also busily worked on a day one patch for the title, bringing a wealth of content to the game ready for its launch.

In spite of this work, however, it doesn’t look like Hello Games is expecting to please everyone with the title. Already, the game has been described as “super divisive” by its own developer, and its development period has showcased both the highs and lows of video game fandom. That said, many players are bound to find something to sink their teeth into – particularly if they know the basics, such as where to farm Thamium9.

No Man’s Sky is out now for PS4, and will be available for PC on August 12.

Source: Reddit