'No Man's Sky' is PS4 Timed Exclusive; PC Release to Follow

No Mans Sky E3 2014 Trailer

It was well established at E3 2014 that this would be a year of Sony pushing towards exclusivity. From Destiny early access to the Hulk in Disney Infinity 2.0; the PS3 and PS4 are all about offering timed-exclusives for Sony-loyal gamers. Waiting for a particular weapon or playable character for a few months is bearable for most shoppers who haven't picked up a Sony console yet, but exclusive games like No Man's Sky are a little harder to resist. Luckily, exploring the depths of space in the game that stole the show at E3 won't be a PS4 exclusive experience forever.

After the beautiful footage that was revealed at E3 and Hello Games' Sean Murray's quotes about the gameplay; it seems like just about every gamer out there will want to get their hands on the space exploration game. There has been suspicion that the game would eventually be released on the PC, but up until today that had just been wishful thinking.

Murray, the managing director at Hello Games, revealed that a PC version will follow the PS4 version after the timed-exclusivity period expires. Sorry Xbox One owners, but there has still been no mention of the game eventually arriving on the Microsoft console. In an interview with Edge Online, Murray went on to explain that keeping consoles in mind while developing No Man's Sky did not hurt the PC version at all...

"I actually got in a bit of trouble for saying that we wanted the game to feel really console-y... We've always had PC in mind but in my head [console-y] means solid framerate and immediate controls. I think a PC game can be console-y and it's intended as a compliment, but I get in trouble for saying it."

No Man's Sky dinosaur

There's no doubt that the indie game has already generated enough buzz to appeal to a pretty large segment of gamers, so Hello Games studio will likely see a lot more success by not limiting the audience to just PS4 owners. Indies have a tradition of thriving on PCs, thanks largely to the Steam community, so we expect to see No Man's Sky do quite well outside of the console scene, as well.

Unfortunately, Murray was unable to offer any concrete details about the length of the PS4 exclusive deal. Seeing that we still don't have a firm release window for No Man's Sky, that isn't too surprising.

Do you think No Man's Sky will sell less PS4 consoles now that we know a PC version will eventually arrive? Let us know in the comments.


No Man’s Sky is coming to PC and PS4, but no release dates have been set.

Source: Edge

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