No Man's Sky's PC Patch Released, PS4 Update Coming 'Soon'


Hello Games' founder Sean Murray announces that a new PC patch officially releases for No Man's Sky, with the space exploration title's PlayStation 4 update on the way.

UPDATE: No Man’s Sky's Update 1.04 on PlayStation 4 is now available as well. The original story continues below.

After promising that No Man's Sky's next patch will make fans "very happy," the developers at Hello Games have now officially put out the anticipated update for the release's PC players on Steam and GOG, while its PlayStation 4 version is still in the works. As of writing, the full patch notes have yet to be released, but according to the studio's founder, Sean Murray, the PC update adds support for "more hardware" and improves the game's frame rate for computers with lower specs.

When it comes to No Man's Sky's PlayStation 4 patch, the developers intend on implementing it to improve stability and "lots more" on the title's console version. The complete rundown on what the PS4 update will contain has also yet to be released, but Murray has stated that its contents have been submitted to Sony and should be available for players to download "very soon."

As seen in a string of tweets from Sean Murray below, the developer explains that "less than one percent" of No Man's Sky players have reported problems with the game, but one can presume that he is only taking into account the fans who who went on to file official support tickets, particularly since droves of gamers described myriad PC issues after its launch. Regardless, Murray has promised that he and his team will "resolve roughly 70%" of the claims with this week's patches.






Despite the fact that No Man's Sky PC and PlayStation 4 versions have been on the receiving end of some pretty nasty bugs, the game has gone on to considerable success. For instance, not only did it become one of the best-selling games on Steam for this year, but also it was revealed to be the second best PS4 launch ever behind Naughty Dog's Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. Bearing this in mind, Murray even commented on how "crazy" it is for No Man's Sky to have such a large user base simply within the aforementioned 1% of players reporting issues, and assured fans that once the fixes are complete, more features would be incorporated into the title.

Speaking of which, Sean Murray has said that No Man's Sky is set to receive content such as bases, freighters, and potentially even "space whales," which he initially announced would come to the game courtesy of free updates. However, not long after that declaration, he revised his comments on the matter to state that he was "perhaps naive" to suggest the title would have gratuitous post-launch materials, and revealed that paid DLC could be a reality if Hello Games "couldn’t possibly afford to do a certain feature without charging for it."

Whatever the case may be with the future of No Man's Sky's add-ons, it's safe to say that most fans would rather have developers focusing on the necessary fixes required to keep the base game running before working on new content. That said, even though there are's a glimmer of a possibility for No Man's Sky eventually receiving an Xbox One version, owners of the Microsoft console are probably hoping for Hello Games to iron out all of the kinks on the title's current platforms as well, especially before porting it to the Xbox One.

No Man's Sky is available for PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: No Man's Sky – Twitter (via GameSpot)

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