No Man's Sky PC Players Jump After Foundation Update


The PC player base for No Man's Sky increases after developer Hello Games' implementation of the survival and space exploration title's Foundation Update.

Despite the controversy and fallout surrounding the post-launch lifespan of Hello Games' No Man's Sky, it seems as if the developer is ready to begin delivering content with the potential to rejuvenate interest in the survival and space exploration title. Just recently, in fact, the studio implemented the game's biggest patch since September with the Foundation Update, and ever since the new features were added, the release has had its PC user base spike.

As seen in the image below, No Man's Sky's concurrent player count on Steam has grown at a sizeable rate, with the game peaking at 8,090 fans taking part in the title at the same time earlier this Sunday. Interestingly enough, the Foundation Update appears to have given Hello Games' title a considerable boost in popularity overall, as No Man's Sky is now sitting in the middle of Steam's top 100 between The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Mount & Blade: Warband.


Taking into account the fact that the active player base for No Man's Sky experienced a 90% drop after less than two weeks of being available, this increase in fans returning to the title is a considerable victory for Hello Games. After all, many didn't anticipate the title ever recovering after having encountered such a huge amount of backlash from fans accusing the developer of false advertising.

In its heyday during the launch month of August, No Man's Sky was frequently seen as one of the most played Steam games at the time, averaging out with a concurrent player counts of 36,976 users. Not to mention, after the game released, it had the second best PS4 launch ever. That said, though, while this jump in PC players is encouraging, it will certainly take a long time for fans to fully trust Hello Games once more and have the game return to its former fleeting glory.


As far as the future is concerned for No Man's Sky, Hello Games could have terrestrial buggy vehicles in the works if the files from a recent datamine of the Foundation Update are to be believed. The addition of wheeled apparatuses would more than likely welcomed with open arms due to the potential feature complementing the most recent update's incorporation of home and base-building materials.

All things considered, if Hello Games continues to provide solid updates in the coming weeks and months for No Man's Sky, it wouldn't be too outlandish a feat for the developer to convince wayward explorers to return to the fold. Plus, for the sake of the title's well-being and the reputation of Hello Games, No Man's Sky's "Overwhelmingly Negative" reviews on Steam will hopefully become more positive with subsequent updates.

No Man's Sky is available now for PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: Steam Charts (via Kotaku)

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