Developer Hello Games officially releases the patch notes for the most recent update to the PC version of its space exploration and survival title No Man’s Sky.

With No Man’s Sky having recently received three different PC patches, the team at Hello Games have now published the patch notes for these updates in full so as to give players a more concise idea of all the problems that the studio has managed to tackle thus far. Among the many major issues reported on the platform, several specific errors that the patches provide include fixes for explorers getting stuck under the world, the game not saving until players have died, as well as multiple instances of crashes occurring.

According to Hello Games, all of the fixes implemented at this point in time should address roughly 70 percent of the bugs, glitches, and problems in No Man’s Sky that players have brought up with the developer. Furthermore, the studio has declared it is currently doing its best to rectify the last 30 percent of the issues as speedily as possible.

Sean Murray has stated that Hello Games has been “incredibly busy” since No Man’s Sky‘s PC release date on August 12 with the team collectively gathering and working on all of the support requests delivered directly to the studio, in addition to tracking posts on Steam, GoG, Reddit, and other sites online. Those interested in delving into all of the PC fixes offered with the most recent updates can read the full patch notes right here.


Looking to the future, Hello Games has said that it plans on putting out at least one more “major” No Man’s Sky update that will enter testing on Monday, August 22, but it failed to note whether or not the forthcoming patch would be specifically for PC or if it would include fixes for the PlayStation 4 version as well. Not to mention, it didn’t provide any information as to what specific problems would be addressed either.

Hello Games has reassured fans that once all of the PC fixes are taken care of, it will then move on to No Man’s Sky‘s post-launch assets and DLC with the addition of such features as space freighters and base-building materials. However, it remains to be seen when all of the amendments for the problems on the platform ought to be in place.

While Hello Games have been trying to clean up all of the messes discovered after No Man’s Sky‘s release, the effort simply may not be enough for some gaming fans. As it happens, a lot of incredibly unhappy players on PlayStation 4 have requested refunds from Sony, with the folks claiming the experience of too many crashes, misleading marketing, as well as motion sickness from playing the game. Bearing all of this in mind, it’s safe to say that even though the developers for No Man’s Sky are engaged in making the title a smoother ride, fans shouldn’t expect the release to remain totally error-free for the entirety of its existence.

No Man’s Sky is out now for PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: Steam (via GameSpot)