No Man's Sky Path Finder Update 1.22 Patch Notes Revealed

no mans sky path finder update 1-2-2 patch notes

No Man's Sky might not have been the game-changer many people expected it to be, but at its core, Hello Games' space exploration adventure was an innovative, ambitious look at what could be the future of video games - although executed better, if so. Hot on the heels of a controversial Innovation award at GDC 2017, Hello Games has revealed the full patch notes for the Path Finder 1.22 update that builds upon last week's release, and some subtle but impactful changes have been made to No Man's Sky.

The biggest change is one that makes the new Exocrafts, and the Geobays that house them, much easier to find. The newest update adds HUD markers so that players can easily navigate back to their vehicles, making exploration that much easier as a result. The update also allows players to place Geobays on any planet they explore rather than just their home planet, which is a significant change that should benefit those who are still traversing the galaxy in search of adventure.

Just as an example, this change makes it so that players who wish to make their mining efficiency on a moon can do so with relative ease by constructing a Geobay and a Colossus on it without sacrificing their vehicle use on their home planet. It's a small but significant change to the way vehicles in No Man's Sky will function, and it should make players' lives much easier.

no mans sky path finder update vehicle

The new update also made some changes to a few persistent bugs in No Man's Sky, including rare crashes that stemmed from feeding wildlife or scanning from a vehicle. Most of the bug fixes pertain to vehicles, which makes sense given that they've only been around for about a week.

Despite No Man's Sky's rocky reception and the damage it did to the reputation of Hello Games, the studio has continued pushing forward. The studio recently announced the Hello Labs Game Funding Initiative, a platform for funding small games with ambitious goals for procedural generation.

Those interested in the full patch notes for Path Finder's Update 1.22 can find them here:

  • HUD markers have been added to allow you to easily navigate back to an Exocraft Geobay
  • Fixed a bug that caused vehicle weapons and mining lasers not to drain charge
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the Starship cockpit to vanish when exiting
  • Fixed some freighter door texture issues
  • Fixed a rare crash when scanning from a vehicle
  • Fixed a rare crash when feeding creatures
  • Fixed an issue which caused weapons to miss-fire when using Plasma Launcher
  • During warp, the quick menu now hides properly as intended

No Man's Sky is available now for PC and PS4.

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