No Man's Sky Dev Talks Possibility of Paid DLC


Hello Games founder Sean Murray discusses the possibility of bringing paid DLC to the studio's space exploration and survival title No Man's Sky sometime in the future.

During a recent interview with the press outlet Daily Star, Hello Games' Sean Murray stated that he could not rule out the possibility that No Man's Sky will go on to have some paid DLC in the future. This admission comes in spite of the fact that the studio's founder declared last week that any and all of the post-launch content for the game would come via free updates.

After taking that statement into consideration, Sean Murray expressed that such an idea was "perhaps naive" in the grand scheme of No Man's Sky's life cycle. As it happens, the Hello Games founder justified the potential for paid DLC by explaining, "Maybe in the future there's some reason why we just couldn't possibly afford to do a certain feature without charging for it."

While Murray's reneging on his previous announcement that No Man's Sky would have no paid DLC will probably disappoint some fans of the space exploration and survival title, it's important to note that he didn't offer a date of availability for additional materials to be purchased. With that being the case, there's no really telling when, or even if priced content will make its way into the game.


During the same interview, Murray insinuated that No Man's Sky could receive an Xbox One version eventually, but before he could offer a definitive statement on the issue, a Sony Interactive Entertainment representative drove the discussion in another direction. Taking this into consideration, it's possible that Sony has some bearing on whether or not some of the game's future updates are paid, but that's simply conjecture at this point in time.

Beyond the potential for paid DLC, the Hello Games head did recently tease that a new patch is coming and should make players "very happy." The forthcoming update should provide players on both the PlayStation 4 and PC platforms with solutions to the myriad problems encountered after No Man's Sky's release, such as low frame rates, stuttering, and crashes, as the studio promised it has been diligently working on fixes since they were reported.

Aside from the negative experiences some fans have had with No Man's Sky, the title itself has gone on to considerable success. For instance, not only did the release become one of the best-selling Steam games ever, but also it became the second best PS4 launch of all time. That said, with No Man's Sky being such a financial boon, it's a wonder as to why Hello Games would feel the need to charge fans extra money for some of its updates in the months ahead. Nevertheless, it's difficult to fault the studio specifically, for it seems as if this particular post-launch strategy is par for the course as far as the industry in its current state is concerned.

No Man's Sky is out now for PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: Daily Star (via GameSpot)

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