No Man's Sky NEXT Patch Notes: Here's Everything New

no man's sky base building next update

No Man’s Sky has changed a lot since it launched back in 2016, and nearly two years later it received a massive update in the form of NEXT. NEXT is as massive overhaul which adds a ton of new features that fans have been waiting for since the game launched. Here are the biggest changes coming with the NEXT update.


Perhaps the biggest change coming to No Man’s Sky is true multiplayer. Players will get to explore the vast universe with friends, or make enemies as a space pirate throughout the galaxy. Voice chat for console and text chat for PC will allow players to easily communicate with others around them. New multiplayer missions are also available from the Galactic Commission Station on the bridge of the player’s freighter.

Players will also be able to build bases with friends, and create teleporters to traverse the planet with ease. NEXT also revamps base building even more by adding more ways to customize and craft the perfect base, whether it’s high in the mountains or deep underwater.

Community Events

NEXT also marks the start of model of gameplay for No Man’s Sky, as the game will start featuring weekly content and community events. These events will be free, and will net players new customization options and other rewards.

Hello Games is also launching the Galactic Atlas website, where players see a huge map of the galaxy which will highlight key points of interest and community hubs. The website will change over time based on player discovery and community feedback. The map will also feature community events when the kick off.


Gameplay Overhaul

Many elements of No Man's Sky have been re-tuned to be more engaging and diverse for players. Everything from mission chains to planetary resources has been updated to make a much more enjoyable gameplay experience.

The new Xbox version of the game will likely make good use of the Xbox One’s graphical capabilities. Xbox players will have a much different starting experience compared to players who played the game at launch, as Hello Games has revamped the opening missions to ease players into the game rather than throw them into the wild unknown.


Players will also have a new level of customization with No Man’s Sky: NEXT. Players will be able to choose their race and make their character more unique when using the new third person camera mode.

Ship and freighter customization will also be easier thanks to the revamped Space Station Marketplace. Players will be able to buy all the resources they need if they don’t want to take their exocrafts out for a spin. Players will also be able to call on their fleet of ships for assistance during space battles, or send them to explore a specific system. These will be customizable to fit whatever role players want to take on, from explorer to space pirate.

no man's sky next space exploration freighters

Overall, the NEXT update is the breath of fresh air that No Man’s Sky truly needed. From the mission reworks to the AI overhaul, No Man’s Sky is shaping up to be the game everyone hoped it would be at launch. Hopefully Hello Games will keep putting out new content for the foreseeable future to make the game even better.

No Man’s Sky is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Hello Games

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