Developer Hello Games’ latest experimental build for its space exploration and survival title No Man’s Sky provides hints for what the next patch will change.

With No Man’s Sky‘s developers at Hello Games currently working on the title’s next PS4 update for crash fixes in an experimental test build known as Patch 1.06, some fans of the release might be wondering exactly what the studio has in mind when it comes to additional changes. Thankfully, the Redditor known as stevoli has put together a list of all the alterations discovered thus far prior to Hello Games putting out official patch notes for what’s to come in No Man’s Sky‘s next update.

As seen in the bullet points below written by stevoli, it seems as if Hello Games has been listening to fan feedback, for not only has No Man’s Sky for the Redditor been operating on a fluid basis without crashes, but also frame rate drops are supposedly much less frequent than they were before, with other players  even reporting their games topping out at 60 FPS with minimal dips. Plus, the studio also has patched the max inventory exploit by changing Gek Transmission Tower interfaces with Korvak Transmission Tower interfaces.

  • Scanning is super fast now, zooming in on flying creatures registers and scans as long as they are near the crosshair
  • 75% life support no longer gives the “life support low” warning
  • Gek Transmission Tower interfaces have been replaced with Korvak Transmission Tower interfaces, meaning the bug where you can use the interface over and over no longer works.
  • Stability, seems to be running smoother, haven’t crashed in the past few hours.


While not all of the alterations being brought about with No Man’s Sky‘s next patch have been ascertained yet, one problem that apparently hasn’t been addressed with the title’s test build for Update 1.06 is the recent unearthing of an issue involving players’ discoveries getting wiped from the game. However, there is a temporary remedy for the glitch that has worked for some fans, as one would need to redownload No Man’s Sky and reupload its data to possibly make original discoveries reappear.

At this point in time, it’s unclear as to what Hello Games’ target date will be for the public’s ability to obtain Update 1.06. Nevertheless, considering the pretty speedy turnaround when it comes to the three separate PC patch releases about several days ago, it’s quite possible that the developer could have No Man’s Sky‘s PS4 updates in place by sometime next week.

Although Hello Games is currently doing its best to get the next patch out as quickly and efficiently as possible, it may not be enough to save No Man’s Sky’s fan base from moving away from the title, as it was recently revealed by way of statistics that its active player base has dropped by 90%. Of course, one can’t accurately predict the future in cases like these, or in any instance for that matter. So, truthfully, it remains to be seen as to whether or not Hello Games’ next update for No Man’s Sky will be able to win back the hearts of some fans who have already soured on the title.

No Man’s Sky is out now for PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit