After a more than disappointing launch, No Man’s Sky receives an honest trailer in a fan-made music video, and it makes the game look better than ever.

Last year, No Man’s Sky was the talk of the gaming industry. The action-adventure survival title, developed and published by British developer Hello Games, made lofty promises up to its August 2016 release, including multiplayer modes, intricate gameplay, and advanced high-quality graphics that the final version never contained. Such widespread attention surrounding No Man’s Sky marked it as one of the most hyped indie titles in history. Unfortunately, when players realized creators and developers at Hello Games had potentially falsely advertised the title, it was also marked as perhaps one of the biggest PR/marketing mishaps the gaming industry has ever seen.

In a small silver lining, a fan and player of No Man’s Sky has created a music video-style trailer for the game — and it looks incredible. The trailer is posted on the YouTube channel Zagisa, and offers up a truthful perspective on the title infamous for its underperformance. Seen in the video are sweeping landscapes and panoramas of the game, set to slightly melancholy techno music.

What the trailer seems to do especially well is get to the core of No Man’s Sky. Removing all the hype and dramatic promises seen in the various outlets of official No Man’s Sky promotion, the fan-made music video trailer frames the game in its basic theme: awesome space exploration. Considering this, many have argued that Hello Games should have taken a route similar to the one seen in the trailer in regards to the promotion of No Man’s Sky. 

Taking into account the controversy surrounding No Man’s Sky‘s advertising and marketing – the game’s creative team and publisher Hello Games were recently tied up in a legal investigation that ruled no deceptive advertising – some fans may see this music video-style trailer as a sign of what could have been. One of No Man’s Sky‘s most anticipated aspects promised by Hello Games’ pre-release was the gorgeous open world that was fully interactive and capable of being explored. Centralizing its focus on that aspect, which could have performed well, may have been the smarter move for No Man’s Sky.

For other No Man’s Sky players or even those who simply had high hopes for the game, however, the fan-made YouTube trailer may not be quite enough to undo the damage already done. Despite the trailer’s authentic take on the Hello Games title, what may still be ingrained in fans’ minds are the many negative news stories that broke following No Man’s Sky‘s release. It was once speculated that Hello Games CEO Sean Murray tweeted that the game was a mistake, though that was later disproved. Additionally, both No Man’s Sky‘s players dropped and sales took a nosedive shortly after its release. An after-the-fact No Man’s Sky trailer may only be a minor consolation, regardless that it makes the game look better than ever.

No Man’s Sky was released on August 9, 2016. It is currently available on PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows operating systems.