No Man’s Sky may finally be ready to deliver on one of its most ambitious promises, if leaked update notes are to be believed. According to the notes, the interstellar travel and exploration title is set to introduce multiplayer via joint exploration, which has the community speculating.

New details regarding No Man’s Sky should always be taken with a grain of salt, but datamines of the Atlas ARG site’s CSS reveals some new info about the upcoming 1.3 update. If legitimate, multiplayer may not be the only thing developer Hello Games adds to the title, with claims that new ships and new worlds are also on the way.

As far as whether the list is real – things could go either way. We do know that portals and some story additions were in the works for update 1.3, which helps support claims of legitimacy. At the same time, this could be a type of wishful thinking on the part of a fan. Some community members claim the list appeared on the No Man’s Sky site before being taken down, but we can’t verify that info at this time.

See below for the alleged list of content add-ons in the works:

no mans sky 13 update notes

no mans sky update 13 list

Of course, the main bullet point from the update info is joint exploration. Taken on its own, that could mean many different things, but some believe it is a hint towards some form of multiplayer.

Multiplayer has been a touchy subject for No Man’s Sky since launch, with many players feeling as though Hello Games promised the feature and never delivered. Given that, there is a justifiable amount of skepticism surrounding the “joint exploration” feature, but the hope was always that the game might eventually add some form of co-op.

That being said, it’s hard not to wonder why Hello Games wouldn’t make these new features major talking points for its next update. Players (lapsed or otherwise) have been dying for new content, and this update seems to be adding exactly what they are looking for.

no mans sky update 13 screenshot

It’s possible that Hello Games was saving this info for a later reveal/surprise, but nothing has been confirmed yet. All we know for sure is that, if No Man’s Sky does add all of the proposed features, Hello Games is poised to make a big splash and likely draw some players back into the fold.

Admittedly, there will be plenty who closed the book on No Man’s Sky and refuse to go back – active players dropped by 90% after within the first month – but others that saw the potential in the game could be swayed into returning. But that’s all assuming these patch bullet points are real.

Source: NeoGAF