Busy modders are already at work with No Man’s Sky, creating a variety of different mods for the title ranging from graphical improvements through to weird and wonderful additions.

Although No Man’s Sky has barely been out for a week, the game has already proved to be as divisive as its developers expected it to be. Although some players are extremely happy with the title’s explorative and atmospheric gameplay and expansive universe, others are disappointed in a perceived lack of depth. PC players may be in luck with regards to that complaint, however, as the community is already busily working a wide array of mods for the game.

Gamers can head over to No Man’s Sky Mods to see exactly what fellow players have already managed to create, and there are already a pick of some very good mods on offer. For starters, the No Man’s Sky community has thrown together some quick bits of content to make swift adjustments to the game’s art style, including the option to entirely turn off the game’s HUD. Meanwhile, the Clean Icons mod does a great job at improving the icons of the title – a minor change but one that has already been greatly appreciated by other players.

It’s not just graphical improvements that have been undertaken so far, however, as some modders have also been working on tweaking gameplay elements. Take, for instance, the Fast Actions mod, which removes the need to hold down the mouse button to complete tasks, leading to a much quicker way to play the game.┬áThe No Random Sentinels on Planets mod, meanwhile, does exactly what it says on the tin – removing the randomly-spawned sentinels that could get in the way while mining, but keeping those that appear when a planet’s ecosystem has been damaged or a building has been broken into.


Those after the weird and wonderful mods that gamers often come up with may find it slim pickings for now, however, and there is nothing that quite reaches the levels of the Fallout 4 Macho Man mod. However, there are still a few fun mods to choose from, such as one mod that changes the warp sound effect to that of Zoidberg’s woop.

These mods will certainly be a way for some players to try and improve the overall gameplay experience of the title, and could prove invaluable when increasing the longevity of the game. After all, although Sean Murray has said that he is totally fine with people disliking the game, the fact that some players are requesting refunds from Sony could perhaps be cause for concern.

That said, it’s not just the fans that are creating new content for No Man’s Sky. Hello Games will also be working on free updates for the title going forward, and has recently released a patch for both PC and PS4. Hopefully, this content will continue to grow, giving players plenty of new experiences with the game.

No Man’s Sky is out now for PS4 and PC.

Source: No Man’s Sky Mods (via Gamespot)