10 No Man's Sky Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

No Man's Sky has come a long way since its launch in August 2016. Several updates later, multiplayer is an integral part of the game, the game has VR capabilities, and much, much more. No Man's Sky is flourishing because of developer Hello Gamesunwavering commitment to its players.

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Moreover, they've alleviated the pain of interplanetary travel by incorporating portals. Witnessing the transformation of No Man's Sky is quite the spectacle. There's no telling what No Man's Sky's developer might have in store for the game's future. To help make sense of things, we've compiled this list of No Man's Sky memes. These are 10 No Man's Sky memes that are too hilarious for words.

10 Crying Anime Girl Connects With No Man's Sky

We all know how it feels to lose your friends in a game. Being lost in space could be the worst feeling ever. Thankfully, Hello Games has improved No Man's Sky's multiplayer through several massive updates.

The game now enables players to be joined, or they have the option of joining a friend's session. Of course, it's extremely hard to see each other in No Man's Sky. It contains at least 18 quintillion (yes this is a number) procedurally-generated planets!

9 Who Are You Going To Call? The Minutemen!

Call the Minutemen when all hope is lost. Fallout meets No Man's Sky in this uproarious meme. Adding the ability to build bases in No Man's Sky paid off since it gives the game longer-lasting appeal.

This wouldn't be the first time that the Minutemen have come to the rescue. Please Minutemen, tell us how to build bases in this action-adventure survival game! The complexity of No Man's Sky's building mechanics is vaster than what we see in Fallout. For some, that could be positive or negative.

8 Meanwhile, At Spider-Man's Office

This meme applies to a time when Grand Theft Auto V was on the cusp of releasing for current-gen consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Now, the game is finally receiving the updates it needs to thrive. There are too many reasons to jump into No Man's Sky. It's worth trying for those into collecting resources or building structures on alien worlds.

Memes are fascinating art forms that should be taught in most colleges. According to, "the University of Cambridge has announced that it will run a short course entitled Understanding and Analysis of the Meme Revolution."

7 Virtual Probes Are Rare But Exist In No Man's Sky

According to, "There's a robot that lives inside No Man's Sky that nobody outside of the development team may ever see because its entire purpose is to fly to each of the game's 18 quintillion worlds, take short videos and document its interstellar travels as a series of animated GIFs."

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The fact that this meme is correct and doesn't joke nonsensically gives it a more powerful purpose. No Man's Sky has virtual probes that explore the cosmos is a fact and not a myth.

6 Don't Forget Your Heat Shield

What could be worse than forgetting your heat shield on a scorching alien planet? Not every world has an atmosphere to protect from the sun's rays. The Moon is an example of a space object that is hit by direct sunlight.

Forgetting your heat shield in No Man's Sky could have dire consequences. Something about this meme is funny and makes us want to see more. No Man's Sky is a fun game—if you have a sense of humor. Meme creators know this and capture its humor frequently.

5 Brilliant Marketing Tactics Or Not?

No Man's Sky's marketing team could be the biggest group of geniuses or the opposite. Marketing the game as what it became two years after release may have allowed them to fund future efforts.

Their marketing team either upset their fanbase or did what was necessary to gain sales. For the greater good, we are going to assume that No Man's Sky's marketing campaign was influenced by timelines that weren't met.

4 Jim Carrey Meets No Man's Sky

In a parallel universe to No Man's Sky's, everything is 'yes' instead of 'no.' At least that's what this meme suggests. This meme's creator must have photoshopped Sean Murray's face over Jim Carrey's and added No Man's Sky content in the foreground and background.

If Yes Man's Sky were a movie, probably most people would see it. Video game movie adaptions are becoming more prevalent now that the stigma is fading. This movie poster proves that people are interested in a No Man's Sky movie—errr... Yes Man's Sky.

3 This Birthday Will Be Extra Special...

Getting cake on your birthday is not the same as playing No Man's Sky. It's like comparing apples to oranges. We know relationships can be tough, but the person who created this meme may have been a bit selfish. Someone is going to have to open the relationship rulebook to see the ruling on this one.

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Granted, everyone is entitled to do what they want on their birthday. If they're going to play No Man's Sky all day and save on the carbs, it is okay.

2 We've All Been There

Expect to grind quite a few hours after logging in to No Man's Sky. Flying from planet to planet can take several Earth minutes. It's advisable to ignore the fact you are exploring a small fraction of the universe and to focus on the task at hand.

The game can be overwhelming for some, but for a lot of people, they are going to be grinding and grinding with the hope of colonizing a planet.

1 So Many Memes. So Little Time...

This meme is a reference to the number of planets contained in No Man's Sky. No Man's Sky is procedurally generated, which opens up the possibility for millions and millions of worlds. Although No Man's Sky's universe is vast, there is a low probability that players will encounter each other.

Usually, players have to join a friend's game or spawn next to another player for them to come into contact. In a game that is immeasurably vast like No Man's Sky, could there be 18.4 quintillion possible memes?

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