Finding inventory space hard to come by while exploring the universe in No Man’s Sky? This guide will show you how to max your inventory quickly with ease.

Already, plenty of players are unravelling the mysteries of No Man’s Sky, heading from planet to planet in search of better equipment in order to continue their exploration. However, many users may have come across one one of the major bugbears of gaming: a lack of inventory space. Even though faster-than-light travel is more than possible in the game, it seems as though this Hello Games-devised future has not solved the problem of limited storage space.

This may no doubt leave some players feeling a little frustrated with No Mans Sky. After all, there’s nothing worse than finding the vital Thamium9 and discovering that both exosuit and ship have no space left. Thankfully, there are ways to get around this problem by improving inventory space – and it doesn’t involve spending 25+ hours on the starter planet.

To begin with, the player needs to have discovered how to build bypass chips. This is generally found very early in the game, so should not be a problem for gamers. Then comes a more time-consuming task: building up a personal fortune.

Get Rich Quick

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Although there are already many ways to make money in No Man’s Sky, the following system is a nice and fast option. Go to a space station, then check the Galactic Computer Trade Network console on the wall and select Sell Items. Look for the items that have a star next to them – these items are the ones that are selling for a premium at this location. In particular, take note of any items that are both common and that are selling at a high price, be hesitant over selling rare items, and avoid selling suspension fluid.

Then, clear your ship and suit inventory, and head back to the station dock. When people come by, purchase the previously-starred items, and keep going until all inventories are full. Then, go back to the terminal and sell the items, amassing a great profit in the process. Before too long, players could easily get millions – and when this is the case, it’s time to move on to the next part of the plan.

Max Out the Exosuit

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As mentioned before, getting max inventory with No Man’s Sky‘s exosuit is a way to make the game a much less painful process. Go down to the planet, and start mining iron and plutonium. Then, make a large number of bypass chips, and fly until a signal beacon is near. Use one of the bypass chips on the beacon, and then use the shelter option to find a drop pod. Continue this until around 3 drop pod waypoints have been discovered.

Then, go to each of the drop pods and spend money on the exosuit itself, making sure to save each time the exosuit has been improved. Overall, to fully upgrade the suit it should cost approximately 6 million – but with each upgrade comes more inventory space, meaning that getting more money from trading is easier each time.

Max Out the Ship


Getting a better ship in No Man’s Sky is pretty much top of every player’s to-do list, and for this process it’s no exception. To begin with, make enough money to purchase a ship with over 24 inventory slots, then fly back down to the planet. Once again, players will want to head back to beacons, using bypass chips, and then search for transmission. This time, users will be sent to an observatory, a beacon, or a transmission tower. Once you get a transmission tower, go there and solve the code, making sure to avoid any Gek transmission towers for this task.

Once the puzzle has been solved, the tower will then give the player a route to a shelter or a crashed ship. The crashed ships may have at least one slot of improved inventory, so simply swap over working parts to the new ships, and rinse and repeat. Before too long, the user will have reached the maximum ship inventory size of 48.

Max Out the Multitool

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To max out the multitool, which is essential for important tasks such as hyperdrive upgrades, the steps are very similar to that for the exosuit. Once more, build up a fortune by trading back on the station, and then travel down to the planet. Then, once again use the beacons to search for shelter. However, this time you will want to look for options that point towards shelter or ‘advanced life form detected’.

Then, head out to the location and upgrade the multitool. However, players should be warned that upgrades for the device are extremely expensive, so making it to the maximum of 24 slots may take a large amount of money.

With that, users should be able to max our their multiple inventories with relative ease, and a lot quicker than doing it the old-fashioned way. As a final tip, players may also want to head a little further towards the center of the galaxy. This way, not only will trade ships be more likely to appear in stations, but the probability of improved ships being discovered is also rumored to be higher.

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No Man’s Sky is out now for PS4 and PC.

Source: Reddit