No Man's Sky Dev Doesn't Want You to Watch Leaked Gameplay

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Following No Man's Sky's leak and the subsequent uploading of gameplay videos, Hello Games founder Sean Murray asks that players refrain from watching any to avoid spoilers.

After years of development and unpleasant delays, Hello Games' No Man's Sky is about to finally release. But as it is with many games these days, the space-exploration epic title was leaked a couple of weeks ahead of its August release date, and the player - going by the Reddit username of daymeeuhn - who managed to get their hands on the game has uploaded a number of revealing gameplay videos. After hearing news about the leak and the various gameplay videos, Hello Games founder and No Man's Sky creator Sean Murray responded by issuing out a couple of short statements.

Taking to his Twitter account, Murray asked all players to avoid watching the No Man's Sky gameplay videos in order to avoid spoiling all the surprises that the development team have spent years working on. Murray then posted up a follow-up tweet that implored everyone to "take a break" from reading about all things No Man's Sky and that the wait is almost over.



In response to Murray's tweets about the No Man's Sky gameplay videos, daymeeuhn agreed with the developer's stance on the issue and removed all the uploaded footage, before writing up a final Reddit post stating that everyone should just "wait and experience" the game first-hand.

It hasn't been the smoothest road for Hello Games, and the development of No Man's Sky has been beset with a number of problems over the past few years, including a catastrophic studio flood. Given the difficulties that the team has faced, it has to be disappointing to see the game leak just a few days before it hits store shelves, especially after all the excitement of No Man's Sky finally going gold. That being said, some credit should go to daymeeuhn for honoring Murray's wishes by removing his gameplay videos.

For those who haven't seen any of the leaked No Man's Sky gameplay footage, there's only a week or so left to wait before the game is released, though PC owners will have to wait a few days longer. In the meantime, eager players can pass the time by checking out our post on everything we know about No Man's Skyor by clearing out some space on their PlayStation 4 for the game's expected 6 GB file size.

No Man’s Sky is  scheduled for release on August 9th for PlayStation 4 and August 12th for PC.

Source: Twitter, Twitter #2 Reddit (via VG24/7)

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