In order for players to reach the center of the galaxy in No Man’s Sky, they will need a powerful hyperdrive for their ship. Here’s our guide to upgrading the hyperdrive.

Throughout the week, PlayStation 4 gamers have been exploring the vast galaxy of No Man’s Sky. Today, PC gamers join in the fun now that Hello Games’ open-space simulator released on the platform.

With so much attention on the game, most gamers are now aware that to “beat” No Man’s Sky, they will need to reach the center of the galaxy. To do that, they will need to spend time collecting materials, upgrading their ship and gear, and building a hyperdrive. This final piece, the hyperdrive, is crucial to giving players the power they need to reach the center of the galaxy and find the secrets that wait there.

With that in mind, here’s our guide to building and upgrading the hyperdrive in No Man’s Sky.

Build the Hyperdrive

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The first step, naturally, is to build a hyperdrive. This process is fairly straight forward since the game helps players along their way. Once players have entered the game and repaired their ship, they will be able to make their way to open space. Upon doing so, a marker will direct players to an outpost at a nearby planet where they will receive the recipe for a hyperdrive.

In order to build the hyperdrive, players will need a Dynamic Resonator and 200 Heridium. The Resonator can be acquired from a Galactic Trade Terminal, and players can find Heridium during their exploration of planets.

Once players have their hyperdrive, they will need a Warp Cell to get it running. In order to craft a Warp Cell, players will need to gather 100 Thamium9 and an Antimatter. For help with getting these components, be sure to check out our guides on where to farm for Thamium9, and how to get Antimatter.

With the hyperdrive built, players are ready to travel 100 light years per fuel cell and make their way toward the center of the galaxy.

Upgrading the Hyperdrive

No Man's Sky PC Release Date is August 12 Worldwide - No Man's Sky ships flying on alien planets

While traveling 100 light years per fuel cell is impressive, there’s actually a way for players to get more from each fuel cell. In fact, by upgrading the hyperdrive, players can triple the distance they get from each fuel cell from 100 light years to 300.

In order to upgrade the hyperdrive, players will need to acquire a Warp Reactor V1. There are a couple different ways players can come to possess one.

The first way is to chat with aliens at space stations. When players find one that offers a multiple-choice dialogue, they should select the one that is more risky than the others. The situations may differ, but ultimately players won’t lose much more than a little life or a handful of Units. Upon completing the task, there’s a chance players will receive a Warp Reactor V1 as a reward.

No Man's Sky Guide: How to Get Antimatter - Hyperdrive speed

The other method takes a little more time, but may be more desirable for players who enjoy the exploration aspect of No Man’s Sky. As players scour a planet for materials, they should keep an eye out for Damaged Machinery littered about on the surface. Damaged Machinery caches contain various technologies that players can use to upgrade their ships, and may hold a Warp Reactor V1.

While not every Damaged Machinery will have a Warp Reactor V1, players shouldn’t have to work too hard to find one. As long as players are using their ships to fly close to the ground, they should be able to easily spot the black smoke or blinking blue lights of Damaged Machinery and make their way to it.

Once No Man’s Sky players have the Warp Reactor V1, they will be able to upgrade their hyperdrive and continue their progression toward the center of the galaxy.

Have you upgraded your hypderdrive in No Man’s Sky? If so, let us know how you like it in the comments below.

No Man’s Sky is now available for PC and PlayStation 4.