No Man's Sky Honest Trailer Pokes Fun at Game's Shortcomings

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Honest Game Trailers, the YouTube series that reimagines video game trailers with more candor, has set their keen sights on the infamous No Man's Sky.

Broken promises by the developer Hello Games and slow, repetitive gameplay has made No Man's Sky an easy target to critique and about every gamer in the world has spoken their piece on the subject. So it wasn't a surprise that Honest Game Trailers wanted to get some shots in, it was inevitable.

The series takes video games, both popular and unpopular, and creates new promotional style trailers for them that are a little more, well, honest. It didn't take long for the folks behind Honest Trailers to turn their attention to a title that has been setting forums ablaze since its release earlier this month, due to its underwhelming reception by critics and fans alike.

Fans of the popular YouTube series didn't just know this video was coming, they helped make it happen. Honest Game Trailers is known for taking subject requests from its fans, even posting their suggestions at the beginning of their videos. No Man's Sky was clearly a popular choice.


The trailer starts by pointing out what made No Man's Sky so appealing in the first place, noting the game's vast, unique open world that can't be fully explored; not because of its shear size, but because, in the opinion of Honest Game Trailers, it's too boring to fuss with. It mentions the excitement the game drew from onlookers during its gameplay demo at E3 last year. Since then it was easily one of the most anticipated video games of 2016.

But anticipation for a game can sometimes breed intense, wild passion, which was evident when the game's developers started receiving death threats following a delay in the game's release, which Honest Game Trailers points out is ironic considering that, now that the game is released, it probably could have used another delay to develop some of the promised features that are absent. These promises are even brought up in the video, followed by some pretty damning evidence.

No Man's Sky Sentinel Drone

Everything from the monotonous crafting system to dull space exploration is tackled in the video and is likely a cathartic experience for those who played to its conclusion and are feeling disappointed.

While we at Game Rant were fair in our review of No Man's Sky, others weren't as much. Instead letting blind rage plot the course of their fingertips on the keyboard. But Honest Game Trailers isn't venting, they're taking real issues in the game and pointing them out in ways that are enjoyable, humorous, and most importantly fair. That is likely to shock some who are used to seeing mobs of nobodies posting hateful videos online.

No Man's Sky Dinosaur

Honest Game Trailers has a great track record of making clever and bitingly honest videos, appropriately. This one is no different. Anyone looking for an outlet for their frustrations regarding the game should give this funny trailer a view. It says everything they're feeling.

No Man‘s Sky is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Source: Honest Game Trailers

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