Find out how to repair the starship, how to craft items, what to do on the first planet, and the basics of playing No Man’s Sky with this helpful guide.

The wait is finally over:  No Man’s Sky is here. The ambitious space exploration title from Hello Games has been highly anticipated by gamers since its reveal trailer in 2013, but now that it’s available, some are overwhelmed by the sheer size of the game, and may not be quite sure where to start. For those looking for some direction during the early hours of No Man’s Sky, we have created this helpful guide that explains the basics of the game, and what players should focus on in the early going.

How to Play

After mashing on the square button to start the game proper, players will find themselves let loose on an alien planet, armed with nothing but a mining tool. This mining tool will be one of the most important items players use in all of No Man’s Sky, as it is used to collect valuable resources, which in turn can be used to craft new items and upgrades.

Right off the bat, players should take some time collecting resources. One resource that is especially helpful in the early going is iron, which is mainly collected by destroying stone formations. Collecting enough iron will allow players to fix their scanner, which is mainly used to find more resources and other objects of interest.

No Man's Sky Guide: How to Get Started - Heridium

Another resource that players should focus on gathering early on are energy resources, marked by a red symbol. Players can utilize the various energy resources in the game to replenish their life support and recharge their mining tool, which are both integral to success in No Man’s Sky.

With the basics of collecting resources down, players should start exploring their first of 18 quintillion planets. Places of interest will be marked with question marks on the HUD, so travel to these areas to find supplies and restore points. Interacting with restore points is smart, as that’s where players will respawn if they happen to die during their journey.

Furthermore, each new restore point area discovered is a way for players to earn units, No Man’s Sky‘s in-game currency. While there are faster ways to make money in No Man’s Sky, uploading area discoveries is one of the easiest way to make cash in the game. To do this, simply go to the pause menu, highlight a discovered area, and choose to upload it. It is from this menu that players also have the option to rename their discoveries from their default in-game names, if they so choose.

Repairing the Starship

Once players have familiarized themselves with the basic tenets of playing No Man’s Sky, it will be time to work towards getting off the first planet. To get this done, the player’s starship will need repaired, and doing that requires specific resources that can be found and crafted.

First, players should focus on repairing their launch thrusters. This requires four carite sheets, which are crafted from iron. To craft an item in No Man’s Sky, simply open the inventory, highlight an empty space with the cursor, and press the square button. All the possible items that players can craft will then pop up, and assuming players have enough resources (carite sheets take 50 iron), they will be able to craft whatever is on the list.

Anyway, craft four carite sheets. Iron is one of the most plentiful resources on most planets, so this step shouldn’t be too difficult. Once enough carite sheets have been crafted, players are able to repair their starship’s launch thrusters, but keep in mind that it will need plutonium for fuel. Plutonium can be collected from the red energy crystals that are also fairly common on most planets in the game.

no man's sky walkers

Repairing the pulse engine for the starship is a bit trickier, as it requires rarer materials. Players should just walk around their planet and use their scanner frequently to try to track them down. Players should be looking for plants marked with yellow symbols, which can be harvested for zinc, as well as heridium, which resembles black stone. Heridium may be more difficult to find than the zinc, as it is not marked with a clear symbol, but the scanner will at least outline it in a grid to make it a bit easier to spot.

Besides the zinc and heridium, players will also need two carite sheets to repair their starship’s pulse engine. Again, carite sheets are crafted with iron, and shouldn’t be too hard to cobble together. To refuel the pulse engine, players will also need the rare element Thamium9, but players should stumble upon at least a little bit of it during their resource-gathering adventures.

With all the necessary materials in tow, players should return to their starship, make the necessary repairs, and hop on in. Then, if they’re satisfied with their exploration of the current planet, they should feel free to take to their stars and continue their No Man’s Sky adventure.

Continued Exploration

No Man's Sky Dinosaur

Those that decide to stick around on the first planet a little longer still have things to do, however. For one, exploring the entirety of the planet by finding every outpost is a great way to gather resources and other important items. Along the way, be sure to scan and log any plant life or animals that appear using the analysis visor, which, like the scanner, is repaired using iron.

Besides the critters that are probably running around the first planet, players may also find some intelligent alien life. These individuals have their own alien languages, which can be learned by interacting with knowledge stones that are found on the planet’s surface.

Some players may also stumble upon trading stations as well. By interacting with orb-shaped robots at these stations, players can purchase and sell various items. Trading stations are a way good way for players to get rid of any excess inventory they may have, and are also an easy way to earn units.

Beyond these tasks, there’s not a whole lot left to do on No Man’s Sky‘s first planet. Whenever they’re ready, players should leave to start exploring the rest of the unfathomably massive game that the team at Hello Games has created by visiting neighboring planets, and making their way to the center of the universe.

No Man's Sky: Everything You Need to Know - No Man's Sky cover

These early stages in No Man’s Sky are just the first steps budding space explorers take on their journey. The game offers little in the way in explanations on its own, so hopefully some find this guide helpful, and are able to use it to start their No Man’s Sky adventure out on the right track.

What tips do you have for new No Man’s Sky players?

No Man’s Sky is available now for PS4, and is coming to PC on August 12th.