Thamium9 is a very important resource for all players exploring the vast space of No Man’s Sky, and this guide reveals a way to find the resource much faster than normal.

After a number of delays, No Man’s Sky is finally here and players have already begun to explore the universe in an effort to reach the very center. While many continue to struggle to define what kind of gameplay No Man’s Sky has, the game does contain a strong crafting and resource component, where players actively mine and acquire materials in order to create and sell things. One of the most sought after and useful materials, Thamium9, can be tough for new players to come by considering how random the game is.

As players discover, Thamium9 is a very important material within the game as the reddish isotope is responsible for many of the core functions in the game which include charging the mining equipment and weaponry, repairing the pulse engine to your ship, and for keeping players alive by restoring the life support systems. In addition, this material is also needed for the creation of various products and tech through the crafting systems which have been details in previous trailers.

No Man's Sky Surprise Launch Rumors Denied - No Man's Sky ship

At a very basic level, Thamium9 can be found in red looking plants and fauna on certain planets. However, as the trailers have said leading up to release, there are 18 quintillion planets within the game, so this method isn’t very useful or efficient. Thanks to the procedural generation within the game, not only are planets randomly created on the fly, but everything else as well such as buildings, spaceships, and plant life. While some players may have a difficult time coming across Thamium9 randomly in the wild solely through planetary exploration, thankfully there’s a much better way.

Players who want the quickest and easiest method to farm Thamium9 should actually take to the skies, and head into space. When flying between planets and not engaging the pulse engine, players will see lots of debris in the form of asteroids. Players will want to shoot their photon cannons at these rocks as they’re rich in Thamium9, earning players a minimum of 20 pieces per asteroid. The best part is that space is littered with these rocks, so farming the isotope is quick and easy.

Alternatively, space stations can also be visited and as other ships fly in, players can interact and trade with the pilots who typically have things for sale including common planetary materials such as Thamium9 and even a few rare items for purchase.

For as big and random as No Man’s Sky is, there’s certainly a chance players may come across planets full of the material, but for a quick and easy solution that doesn’t isn’t affected by random chance, players will want to head into space.

No Man’s Sky is available now on PlayStation 4 and launches on August 12 for PC.