Developer Hello Games releases a brand new trailer for its space exploration and survival title No Man’s Sky that offers players a guide to the game’s galaxy.

With No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games being close to finished with the first update for the impending release, the studio has decided to give fans a quick, but all-encompassing look at what the upcoming title’s gameplay consists of with a brand new trailer. Considering the fact that No Man’s Sky is less than a week away from its launch on the PlayStation 4 with its PC version soon to follow, on top of the fact that players still aren’t totally sure how one will actually explore and interact with its universe, such trailers provide a somewhat better understanding of the game’s world.

Billed as a “Guide to the Galaxy,” the new No Man’s Sky trailer builds upon a previously released series of four separate videos for the title that broke down its core pillars of gameplay. These last official pieces of footage offered by Hello Games delivered brief explanations and examples of how fans will play the game, with the clips “Explore” detailing exploration, “Fight” showing how combat works, “Trade” breaking down the game’s economy, and “Survive” featuring hostile environments and dangerous planets.

As seen in the video below, the latest trailer for No Man’s Sky has bundled together almost everything we know so far about the game, and tamped it into a clip that’s not even a minute and a half long. Of course, its length is definitely a lot shorter than most trailers, but since the footage advertises that the science fiction title has “18 quintillion planets” and “limitless variety” when it comes to actual experiences in the game, it seems like it would be impossible to fully explain what all it could potentially contain with even an infinite amount of time to do so.

Whether or not the latest trailer for No Man’s Sky is accurate in the aforementioned descriptions is up for debate, but should one go against Hello Games’ request to not watch leaked gameplay, fans may get a better idea of exactly what the title has in store. However, doing so would certainly put such gamers at risk of ruining the mystique and allure of the actual experience of playing it for themselves.

Speaking of which, not long ago, one gamer already discovered the center of the game’s first galaxy thanks to some copies of No Man’s Sky breaking the street date. Then, there was the Reddit user going by the handle Daymeeuhn who bought a unofficially released copy of the game off of eBay for a reported sum of $1250 and went on to leak gameplay videos that were eventually taken down.

Naturally, most No Man’s Sky fans will wish to keep intact the charm of not fully knowing what to expect by avoiding leaked footage altogether. With that being the case for some gamers, there’s no harm in getting a taste of what No Man’s Sky‘s sonic atmosphere will be like, as rock band 65daysofstatic recently posted the soundtrack album for streaming.

No Man’s Sky is set to release next week on August 9, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and August 12, 2016 for PC.

Source: PlayStation EU – YouTube (via GamesRadar)