No Man's Sky Foundation Update Guide: What's New

No Man's Sky Foundation Update Guide


Now that the Foundation Update for No Man's Sky has been released, Game Rant takes a look at where to find all the new features that have been introduced.

Ever since No Man's Sky launched to extremely mixed reviews, creator Sean Murray and the rest of the Hello Games staff have remained relatively quiet while they worked on the next large content update. For those gamers who opted not to return the title, the supposedly game-changing Foundation Update has now released, adding some significant content to No Man's Sky – while fixing several bugs along the way.

While exploring the galaxy is a daunting enough task at face value, players can now utilize a brand new base building mechanic, permitting everyone to do things like farm the local landscape and retain a handy home teleportation point. There's also storage freighters and a few more new features which may take gamers by surprise, so we've compiled a list of what's new in No Man's Sky so that gamers know what to expect from the latest update.

New Gameplay Mechanics

Every old save game is compatible with the new update, which goes through and adds base locations to existing planets. Therefore, players may now find base structures where there was nothing before. New constructable technology items have been added, such as beacons, save points, and auto miners (detailed under resources below). Players can now also scan planets from space, giving a rough estimate of resources players will find on planet level - straight out of Mass Effect!

The Foundation Update also introduces two new game modes called Survival and Creative, with the original game mode now being referred to as 'Normal'. Survival predictably makes things much harder, while Creative Mode is meant for those who want to explore in peace and not worry about the dangers of the galaxy.

Hello Games has also made some small updates to the game's UI, and has also included a few new engine changes like motion blur. Those changes are small fries compared to the big guns below, though.

Base Building


First and foremost, this will be one of the largest additions to the title... ever. To find a Habitable Base location – as the game only permits players to plop down a base in certain spots – players must lay down a Signal Booster. If it doesn't find a suitable base location, check to make sure that there's not already a waypoint in that system.

Once a base is claimed, this is the player's new home. They can only have one base at a time, and claiming a new base will destroy the old one (the resources from the old base should appear in the vault area of the new base). Players are restricted to a moderate length and height from the base's center, so intrepid builders won't be able to build out indefinitely. If players are playing in Normal or Survival Mode, they start out with few habitat area and walkway options, but can unlock things like cuboid rooms later. In Creative Mode, everything starts off unlocked.

The best base location is one with access to both water and caves, along with as many natural resources as possible. Caves provide Antrium and water will supply Rigogen, which are handy resources to have at one's doorstep. Players can teleport home from any system. Players can also farm the following resources:

  • Mordite - drops from killing creatures
  • Coprite - once creatures are fed, they poop this. Somehow, this can be grown separately.
  • Spadonium - a cactus-like plant found on barren planets.
  • Candensium - found from special plants only on radioactive planets.
  • Coryzagen - harvested from crystal-laden blue plants on cold planets.
  • Temerium - harvested from fungi found on toxic planets.
  • Fervidium - a small tree-like plant found on warm planets.

Players will also be able to farm Venom Sacs, Gravitino Balls, and Albumen Pearls.

Storage Freighters

No Man's Sky Freighter Storage

Even handier than storing items at home is storing them in a mobile location, and space freighters fit the bill nicely. To find one, players can seek out a fleet in space. If one has an icon, it has a freighter. Players can dock at a designated docking area, hop up a few flights of stairs, and speak to the ship's captain, who should also have an icon.

Players can purchase storage slots from the Captain, for what seems to be an average cost of around 8-9 million for 10-13 slots, with additional storage upgrades purchasable after. Each slot is stackable up to 1000 minerals, and players can purchase up to a maximum of 48 slots (which will cost an estimated 105 million).

Like a player's home base, there will be a custom build location so player's can design their own little section of the freighter. If the player buys a new freighter, they can transfer their minerals, but any custom builds will be destroyed in the process. Freighters can be called (Down D-Pad on PS4) while a player is planetside, and will land wherever the player designates, making them quite a handy resource.

New Resources

No Man's Sky Companion App Available Now - No Man's Sky blue planet

Aside of the farmable resources listed above, there are several new resources that can be found while exploring the galaxy. To make all this new resource gathering a little easier, there's a new "auto miner" which can be produced and left to task. When a player returns to an auto miner, it will have a green light if it's full of resources for the player to grab. They can set the auto miner to delete mode when they're finished with it, at which point the resource cost of the device will be returned to the player.

Players will also be able to construct beacons, save points, and signal boosters in addition to the auto miner.

Technology aside, here's the list of newly discovered resources that have been introduced in the Foundation Update:

  • Antrium - a glowing plant found in dark caves.
  • Pugneum - kill Sentinels to get this.
  • Tropheum - kill Pirate Ships to get this.
  • Cymatygen - sparkling blue rocks that surround craters in blue star systems.
  • Viridium - sparkling green rocks that surround craters in green star systems.
  • Rubeum - a mined resource found only in red star systems.
  • Rigogen - an underwater plant which has a few white glowing orbs. Reportedly, these don't show up on scans.

In summary, there's change aplenty in the galaxy that is No Man's Sky, and those who enjoyed the game in its original state will certainly enjoy the latest content update. Players can also take a look at the patch notes here, as the 1.1 update has fixed plenty of bugs that have persisted since the launch of the game.

What do you think of the latest No Man's Sky update, Ranters?

No Man's Sky is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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