Gamers are already aware that developer Hello Games is going above and beyond any other game with their upcoming space title No Man’s Sky. The title will allow players to explore the vast reaches of the universe, discover unknown worlds, and engage with other players both in space and on the ground.

But that’s not everything. No Man’s Sky will also feature a robust economy and trading system that will rival that of any RPG or MMO. It will give players an opportunity to scour for materials that they can sell or trade, or use to build useful items that will help them in their journeys.

Speaking about the trading in No Man’s Sky, Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray admitted the game is already large, but that the team wanted something make sure there was a strong economy for players to engage in.

“We want trading to be fun. We want it to be understandable, because already the game’s already quite large.”

Having a trading system that’s understandable and easy to learn is important for this game, as it will easily attract gamers from all interests, including those who may not be familiar with economies and trading within games. Plus, with the many other things to do in the title, it’s likely players will want a simple economy system so they can quickly get their trading done and continue with their exploring and discovering.

No Mans Sky Art 2

Materials that are abundant on some planets or regions of the universe may be rare in other areas. So players may find it beneficial to institute a system where they transfer materials across the universe in an effort to make more money on the items they sell.

Additionally, players can use the materials they find to create products and then sell those products to players who would rather just purchase them than build the products themselves. So while the economy itself will be fairly simple for gamers to understand and use, it will allow player to make it as productive and useful as they desire.

For those who don’t want to worry about trading or the economy in No Man’s Sky, don’t worry. Hello Games is committed to creating a game that works with each person’s individual style and gaming interests. That means if players just want to do the space flight and exploration, they can. Or if they would rather spend their time watching creatures on various planets, no problem. Hello Games is looking to make a game that works for any and every gamer.

What do you think about the economy in No Man’s Sky? Will you make the most of it, or are you planning to focus on other aspects of the game?

No Man’s Sky is set to release on PC and PlayStation 4.