With No Man’s Sky nearing launch, Game Informer Australia Editor, David Milner confirms that the game will not require players to first have PlayStation Plus on the PlayStation 4.

As No Man’s Sky gets closer and closer to its early August launch, there are still a number of lingering questions surrounding the title. For many, knowing how the game will actually play is paramount and something Sony is looking to fix thanks to a recent video series that breaks down the four major tenets in the game. Additionally, many fans have wondered if the title would require an online subscription service such as PlayStation Plus in order to access the online portion of the title.

Thanks to a Twitter confirmation from Australian Game Informer Editor, David Milner, fans now know that PlayStation Plus won’t be a requirement when the space exploration title launches in a few weeks. While No Man’s Sky does have an online component, it doesn’t feature multiplayer in the traditional sense. The world is randomly created from the game’s code, not server-side, letting the majority of players explore the universe offline.

Just confirmed with Sony: you don't need PS Plus to play No Man's Sky online. Some readers were confused by the language on this. Good news.
— David Milner (@DaveMilbo) July 25, 2016

However, No Man’s Sky does have a number of online enabled features as well including tracking the movement of player friends and utilizing The Atlas. Gamers who discover new species of planets, lifeforms, plants and anything else in the universe can upload these findings to The Atlas, which acts as an information repository for everyone in the game based on player findings.

Since launching the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Plus has been a required feature for players who want to take their games online. Most, if not all online enabled games, require the service to be active, so this would make No Man’s Sky the first non-free to play game that does not have this requirement.

It’s been a long and sometimes difficult road for the highly anticipated game and Hello Games, the small development team behind the project. During the early stages of development, a catastrophic flood hit the studio, wiping out computer hardware, and a good chunk of the building. Thankfully, the team was able to recover and continue work, though controversy would again rear its head after a delay was announced, culminating in death threats being issued to Sean Murray, founder of the studio and one of the lead developers on the project.

While that even proved to be a dark event in the development timeline of No Man’s Sky, things have taken a turn for the better since the game was announced as having gone gold. With the release date not secure, the studio has even found extra time and is using it to work on improving the title even further with its first update.

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No Man’s Sky launches on August 9 for PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: David Milner Twitter