No Man's Sky Dev Sending Mysterious Tapes to Players


After a very long period of silence, it seems the No Man’s Sky developer, Hello Games, is ready to reopen communication with the community. The developer recently began sending mysterious tapes to moderators of the various No Man’s Sky subreddits, leading many gamers to speculate what the developer has planned for the space exploration game.

As revealed on Reddit by user BaRKy1911, Hello Games contacted several mods from No Man’s Sky subreddits some time ago with a request that the mods send their mailing addresses. The developer began sending the tapes shortly thereafter. As seen in the photos of the tapes shared by a handful of the mods, it looks like there are 16 tapes in total, each going to a different person.

Naturally, the No Man’s Sky community is very interested in what’s contained on the tapes, though so far none of the content on the tapes has been released. Some of the mods are trying to band all 16 recipients together so the content can all be shared with the community at once, but it seems there are some challenges in making that happen.

No Man's Sky Tapes

Hello Games has stayed quiet on the matter so far, leaving it to the community to speculate the purpose behind the tapes and what they could mean. It’s been a few months since the last update, which fixed a handful of bugs in the game, so there's no hint as to what is coming down the line for No Man's Sky.

Despite the struggling reviews and calls for refunds, many fans of No Man’s Sky love the game and have been clamoring for more content and experiences in the title. While there is certainly a vast universe to explore, players are still hoping for more directed experiences and features coming for No Man’s Sky.


It’s worth noting that at least one of the tapes came with a note, reading, “The giant gateway calls out to me, filling my mind with whispered secrets of a far-flung world.” For those who haven’t played the game, that quote comes from an in-game line related to portals. In No Man's Sky, portals act as black hole conduits that quickly send players across space, closer to the center of the galaxy, where players experience the game’s finale. With that in mind, there seems to be a good chance the tapes have something to do with the portals and something hidden at the center of the galaxy.

Hopefully all 16 tape recipients will be able to work together to get all the audio content online for the community to enjoy. If the mysterious marketing move ends with strong, enjoyable content for players, it’s possible No Man’s Sky could see a player base revival, and recapture much of the glory it experienced last year.

No Man’s Sky is currently available for PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit

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